• Hitting the Super-O…and again…and again.

    It’s only my third session in and I can hardly believe that I am posting this. Experienced my first super-o last night in an incredible session that I wish could have lasted for ever.
    My wife is still away so the opportunity was there to build upon the previous night – but I did not expect the experience I had. I have read on the Wiki and on other blogs how to dull the other senses around you so I did last nights session in darkness so not to be distracted by anything.
    I lubed up and started again as the previous night on my side. The feelings and sensations from the previous night soon returned but I then noticed that I was already travelling past the plateau of the previous night. Once I got the “oh my god, this is happening” though out of your head, and repositioned myself on my back, I just went with the flow as the Progasm danced inside me. My muscles tensed up so much, I felt me stomach was going to come through my head – with this amount of flexing and contacting I’ll also have a six-pack in no time. As I started to come down, I clenched my buttocks together, drew the Progasm in as deep as I could, and I was off again – racing towards orgasm once more. I achieved another super-o before having a slight rest and a re-lube.
    As it eventually left me, you are left with that feeling of did that really happen – and can it happen again. The answer is a most definite yes! I went on to have 2 more super-o’s over the next hour before masturbating to release the load that had built up and to bring my session to an end.
    I woke up earlier than normal this morning and was rock hard. After visiting the loo, I realised I had a good hour before needing to get up. I got out the Progasm and over that hour I had 3 more with the middle one easily the most intense of them all. It easliy lasted over 5 minutes, just constantly hitting that spot with an experience I never dreamed possible.
    After getting up and then getting the kids to school, I needed a good shower – I don’t know when I have ever sweated so much. Let’s give it another go I though. Had a super-o before my shower and wore the Progasm while in the shower. Doing something else is just too distracting but once finished I practiced standing up – I did reach a certain point but it wasn’t going further. I got on all fours, doggy style and it came again. Although not quite as intense as some of the others, the Progasm moved around that much during orgasm that it ended up shooting out – although the orgasm still carried on for a good minute longer after it left me.
    So far for the rest of the day, my mind and body have just been mush – just making sense of what has happened over the post few hours.
    I have made some observations – I grew up in the countryside where it is quiet and as I result I now get woken up by noises in the night. I have taken to wearing earplugs to sleep with and used these in part of my sesion last night. I don’t know if they did help but certainly it did no harm. I also noticed that my mouth gets very dry so I have a glass a water with me – on advise I always empty my bladder before a session so I know a litte bit of water won’t hurt. My heavy breathing which turns to moaning, now turns to a noise that I have never made before – it is strange and it is one I’m sure I cannot recreate until in that super-o moment.
    Although each oragsm begins in the same way for me by reaching a tipping point before racing over it, each one in some way has been different.
    Wow – and wow again. Where will to journey take me next??


    • Avatar for goldenboy


      07/20/2016at9:47 pm

      What an incredible post! You may want to consider blogging often based on you details here for this amazing session! Looking forward to reading more or your great Aneros adventures!

    • Avatar for aneros_user83540


      07/30/2016at5:03 pm

      Nice blog. Happy riding. Looking forward to more posts.

    • Avatar for BigGlansDC


      08/04/2016at5:23 pm

      @Citizen71, I loved hearing about your achievement of a Super-T through Progasm Ice without any effort on your part. Can’t wait to read more of your posts!

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