• Hidden pleasures-my story

    Hello to all,
    The last 3-4 weeks have been very interesting/enlightening, let me explain.
    I started using the progasm again as i explained in my last blog, i was having long sessions (3 hours usually) then taking about a week's break, i had some nice experiences but no further super o's, i had what i can only describe as possible anal orgasm's at the end of two sessions. I got a (big) feeling in my rectum & no erection this lasted a few minutes each time.
    I thought about what i was not achieving with the progasm & decided to go back to basics with the helix, i was having two sessions a week with the helix before & this was when i had my super o's & my best progress, i read somewhere on the forum that if you don't have regular sessions you can lose progress i think this is what was happening to me.
    I got back to using helix last week & the results were encouraging, i happened to read some good advice off the forum which i took into the next session, lube up the anoros with vaseline then coat with k.y. i also put on a latex glove & lubed up my ass good & proper with vaseline also then put up some k.y. as usual.
    It was 3 days ago that i had my first session back with helix only, my second was last night, what a session it turned out to be a total vindication of my instincts to go back to what works best for me. On insertion i could feel the difference the vaseline made, i could feel the helix slowly gliding in & out of me! after 10 minutes i was having involuntaries & had an erection & mini o, after 20 minutes the pleasure wave was almost unbearable another erection & mini o, i had pre-cum running out of my cock!
    I had to move position from on my side to on back with feet flat on bed because the pleasure wave was that intense, this position has never done much for me in the past, it was a brief respite from the intensity of the session, after a while i got back onto my side the pleasure had subsided somewhat, but in a short time it started building again, i have to say that in this session for the first time i did no contractions etc, whatsoever, for the first time it all happened involuntarily.
    I just let things happen for two hours, the feelings of pleasure were incredible, eventually my prostate felt like it was being tormented by the helix! near the end of my session i could feel the orgasm building but did nothing to force it, just waited for it to happen & then my dick twitched into life then followed about 3 minutes of ectasy/cock pulsing orgasm!
    It was one of the strongest orgasm's to date, did not cascade into multiples as had happened before, after two hours my ass was spent! I decided to finish off by slowly edging myself to ejaculation i got a throbbing erection & managed to hold off a few times getting close then stopping, the pre-cum was squirting out!
    When i shot my load i was laying on my back & my spunk went over my shoulder! i have never shot so much so far in my life, also it was the best longest lasting wet orgasm in a long time.
    Looking forward to my next session, i think i will keep using the helix solely again for the near future, as it seems to be re-wiring me quicker with regular sessions, increasing my prostate sensitivity, also the next day the after affects were incredible! p.waves, throbbing etc. Also i am beginning to feel the development of pleasure without the aneros inserted, i have been working on my rectal muscles excercises regularly this could also be playing a part.
    Best wishes to all!

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