• Her Orgasm Delivered with Love

    MMO has changed my orgasmic response and my sexuality in big ways. Although MMO is an inward focused experience it has changed me in my experience of the sexual world around me especially with my wife.
    The most significant was my sexuality has changed is that I have matured, and refocused my attention on observing more, giving more and feeling more. I have come to appreciate the finesse, patience and knowledge that deeply erotic sex requires. I certainly appreciate it much more now than I did when I was younger.
    Like all guys I was always drawn to female genitals but it took MMO for me to really fall in love with the complexity, sensuality and sexiness of my lady’s vagina. Once I learned about the wonders of female genital sexual response, female genital anatomy as well as physiology, my love affair with the vagina was born. The knowledge of how to apply my knowledge to extract pleasure from her pussy was the culmination of my transformation.
    I really – really love my wife’s vagina. I can spend hours delighting her sexual response as I am bringing her to orgasm. For me it is like surfing. I find the sweet spots and I massage them, tickle them and alternate with internal probing. I watch for the wave and then carefully get on it, rubbing trigger spots inside and outside her opening. I massage her vulva and her inner and outer lips as she gets closer to shore before her pleasure wave breaks and pulses. If I can get her to relax and give in to the warm ministrations of my hands and tongue, I can sustain her on a long ride on the wave all the way to the wash out on the shore and the flow back to the sea to catch the next wave in. She is capable of a dozen intense orgasms if she is relaxed enough and I am focused enough.
    The key to getting her to accept the enveloping experience of orgasmic ecstasy is getting her to relax, surrender and give into the sensations that my hands and mouth can invoke in her most delicate parts . . . that is the key. Like most women she always has everyone else’s needs first, or is worrying about work, or the house or something. Getting her to relax and focus on what I am doing between her thighs is the difference between her surrendering to ecstasy of orgasm or just going through the motions of fucking.
    One of the things that I learned along the way is that if the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then the key to a woman’s vagina is thru her mind and her feet. I have found that a foot massage is by far the best way to get her to clear her mind, give into sensation and relax.
    So when I recovered from my MMO in her mouth, described in the previous post I went to the edge of the bed, squirted some lotion on my hands and immediately went to work on the sole of her right foot. The second I began to press my thumb on the sole of her foot just between her heel and the ball of her foot, she shivered and sighed. I know that that pressure there drives her crazy. It almost tickles, but it feels really really good at the same time.
    If I press firmly and rub in small circular motions I can get her to shudder repeatedly. I also know that it also makes her heart race. I believe in reflexology. In a few minutes I knew that we were on the right track because she closed her eyes. She couldn’t concentrate on anything while I massaged her soles. I then wrapped my hand around her entire foot (my hands are large and she has a small foot).
    I began to squeeze and knead them starting from the heel and going up towards her toes. I ended at her toes grasping each toe between my thumb and middle finger massaging it starting at the base and going right up to the cuticle. I then rubbed in between her toes. The most sensitive skin on her feet is just behind the cuticles on the top of her toes and in between her toes. I worked on those areas in particular for a long time. After finishing her right foot I went onto her left foot.
    From past experience I knew that 30 minutes spent on both her feet not only relaxes her but it also gets her vagina really juicy and it causes it to bloom, opening up like a morning glory flower at sunrise. Her feet are amazing erogenous zones.
    Once I finished her feet and toes I massaged her calves and the area just behind her knees. I learned the first time we made out before fucking that she is really sensitive in the crook behind her knees. Kisses and nibbles there literally make her go weak in the knees. So after finishing her feet I picked up her right leg tilted it outwards and buried my lips behind her knee alternating sucking, licking and kissing her soft skin there.
    She was getting so aroused she parted her legs to wantonly expose her vagina to me in a vulgar pose that was intended to inflame my interest. By this time she was so relaxed and uninhibited that she really didn’t care what she exposed whether it was vulgar or not. I certainly didn’t think it was vulgar …her exposed vagina was beautiful. I looked up at her open pussy and indeed it was blushing with lust, her inner lips were bright hot pink, glistening with her juice and they were swollen and parted.
    Her arousal was exposing her moist pink hole, which like her lips was gaping in anticipation of being entered, and pushed into orgasm. I know her sexual response as well as my own. She would have loved to have me go down on her or fuck her to relieve the need that was welling up and gripping her vagina; it was also causing her pussy to ooze her white pearly dew. I knew that she wanted me to get her off now, but I had other ideas. One of the joys of doing this to her when I am feeling like this, is that I was in no hurry.
    As horny as I was getting doing this to her …and I was getting really horny . . . I didn’t feel the urgency to cum. I was still savoring the resonating rapture of my MMO a little while earlier. I had all the time in the world and I intended to use it. My idea was to extend her stimulation for as long as I could to make her pussy to ache with desire and get her clit to be as erect and exposed as I could. I wanted to stimulate her vagina and get her to focus on this most sensitive part of her. Then with all her consciousness focused on the exquisite sensations between her thighs. I wanted to tease her clit and vagina and bring her along so that the tension in her vagina and anus was almost intolerable.
    Ultimately when I stimulated her and pushed her over the edge she would have a long blissful fall into a cunt squeezing – bed soaking multiple orgasm.
    I finished working her legs and got up off the end of the bed . .. she snapped out of her reverie and looked up at me as if to say (without saying it) where are you going? Reading her mind I said: “hey … be patient I am coming up there with you.” I grasped her shoulders and helped her to lean forward so that I could get my right leg behind her and sit behind her, straddling her. I dropped my robe on the floor so that I was totally naked . . . my penis was semi erect …it goes through cycles of hard to semi hard when I do these sessions with her. She looked at my tool with what could only be called wanton lust. But before she could do anything about it, I got behind her with my back leaning on the headboard of the bed. She was sitting about a foot in front of me further down in the bed between my spread legs. I reached down for the hem of her night shirt and pulled it up and over her head, throwing it aside. She was totally naked and we were both very very turned on. I needed to have maximum skin to skin contact . . . my bare chest on her back or her tits is a huge turn on for both of us.
    Before I go any further I need to say something about me, or more particularly my body. I am a very tall guy and I am proportional. I am 6 foot 6 inches tall, 220lbs, I have a pretty decent build …no fat. My arms and legs are long and thin yet pretty muscular. Every part of me including my hands and fingers as well as my boy parts . . are similarly proportioned.
    I would also say that I am a very warm blooded person. I radiate heat; a lot of heat. Fortunately she is cold. When I wrap my arms around her she is totally secure and enveloped in my heat she cuddles right in. When I wrap myself around her this tends to relax her, in fact it tends to lull her to sleep. She frequently calls me her narcotic. This ability also is a huge help in getting her to surrender in foreplay for sex when she is not really in the mood when we start.
    I was seated upright, right behind her, with my back leaning on the headboard. I reached under her armpits and hitched her up to me so that she was sitting in between my outstretched parted legs, with my cock sandwiched between her butt crack and my stomach and her back leaning on my warm chest. When I wrapped my arms around her and cupped her tits in my large warm hands, it had the desired effect. She melted in my arms. She smelled wonderful …she had her own unique smell rising from her aroused vagina coupled with shampoo and a soapy clean smell. She is very soft and sensual.
    The thing I like about this position is that with my head next to hers and my arms over the top of hers I can see all parts of her body from the same perspective that she can. Also I have access to all parts of her body. I began to knead the muscles on her shoulders and her neck. Her head slumped forward as I worked hard on the tightness in her shoulders. I knew that I couldn’t do the shoulder thing for long as it really would put her to sleep. I wanted her relaxed, but not that relaxed.
    I reached for the lotion and squeezed a handful into my palm. I then went back to her chest and rubbed that handful of lotion all over her tits with particular attention to her nipples. She loves having her breasts massaged, and I was all too happy to accommodate. I grasped them gently; each one of my large hands can wrap almost half way around each one. I started at her chest wall and worked outwards from the underside of each breast, hefting each one in each of my hands as I massaged them. I worked towards her nipples and kneaded and squeezed each breast along the way. Her nipples were rock hard. I really worked at them, pinching them and holding them firmly between my thumb and index finger, rolling them back and forth.
    When I finished they were dark pink, hot and erect. She was getting into this . . . she started to breathe in ragged gasps and her face was getting flushed. She tilted her head back against my chest and turned it towards me, nuzzling her forehead under my chin with her eyes closed. She sighed.
    I got more lotion and applied it directly on her abdomen. I reached down and firmly pressed my hands into her belly just below her belly button, massaging her tummy muscles in large circles ending at her pubic bone at the top of her pubic hair. I looked down to see the tuft of hair on her vulva peering our from between her thighs. I slid my hands to her vulva and cupped one of my hands over her entire mons and slid my middle finger into her wet slit, covering her vaginal opening with it. The wetness from her hole dripped over and in between my fingers.
    She has a fleshy vulva under normal conditions, but when she is aroused as she was . . . it swells and becomes more prominent. The mouth and her inner lips swell and are thrust out and exposed as they beg for touch. My hands were very warm from the friction between my hands and her skin. I let my hand sit there allowing the heat of my palm to warm her lips and my hot finger to linger in her vaginal opening. I held her tightly in my arms and kissed her neck. Very subtly she began to grind the mouth of her vagina against my finger. The more she did the less subtle it became …soon she was rhythmically humping my hand. She was getting really aroused as she was smearing my hand with her hot slippery juice. I slid my hand up and put two fingers on either side of her clitoral hood and pulled it back exposing her wet clit.
    Then with my other hand I dipped my finger into her hole to lube it and began to lightly rub under the glans of her clit alternating in small circles and then up and down along the shaft towards her vaginal opening. She widened her legs, opening them and draping them over the top of mine. She had surrendered . . . . she was offering herself to me; she was limp in my arms as I held her tightly and continued to massage her glistening pink clitoris.
    I lowered my mouth to just behind her ear and began to tongue and nibble underneath her ear. I then sucked her earlobe in between my lips as I massaged underneath it with my tongue. She groaned.
    I enlarged the focus of my attention on her clit that my fingers were gently massaging. I was smearing her vaginal juice all over her lips and clit. I ran my fingers on one hand along the opening of her vagina pressing firmly to stimulate the side legs of her clit while I focused the other hand teasing and massaging her exposed clitoral glans.
    Her back stiffened and she thrust her pelvis forward as her arousal was building; she did this several times . When I sensed she was getting close to the verge of orgasm, I backed off and began to knead one of her breasts and her vulva, abandoning her clit and vagina.
    I tried to just stimulate her enough to keep her up but not allowing her to go over the edge to orgasm. When I sensed that she was calmed down a little I went right back and teased her up to the edge of cumming again. I did this at six or eight times. I lost count. It must have been 40 minutes of sweet agony and teasing. She was so hot and bothered that her vagina was oozing a stream by now . . . the sheets in between her legs was sopping with the juice that was now drooling from her gaping hole.
    That last time that she thrust her pelvis up to try to cum, and she whispered to me in a throaty voice: “please make me cum . . . my pussy is aching . . . I really need to cum, really really bad”. I kissed the nape of her neck and told her that I loved her and that I would get her to cum so hard she would see stars.
    I leaned her forward so that I could lift my leg behind her and get out from behind her. I went back to the foot of the bed and grabbed her hips and slid her down on the bed so that she was laying flat on her back with her legs up in the air and parted. She was limp with lust literally …all she could do was think about the exquisite feeling deep inside her vagina. I then turned her sideways so that her crotch was at the side of the bed .
    Now came the part that was guaranteed to get mycock harder than steel. I kneeled on the floor between her legs and put my face just inches from her gapping lips. I put my hands on her tummy and massaged just above her pubic bone. Her vagina was wide open, engorged with desire and radiating heat.
    It was raw red from all the rubbing and kneading. Her pubic hair, her vulva and her thighs were sopping wet and her vagina was still oozing as I kneeled there. I put my mouth inches from her vaginal entrance and I inhaled the musk of her arousal. It is like an aphrodisiac for me. The intoxicating scent of her arousal caused my balls, asshole and cock to twitch. I then lowered my lips to her inner vaginal lips, ignoring her clit. I sucked her wet soft lips into my mouth and suckled on them licking her juice from them and every minute or so dipping my tongue into her hot vaginal opening to lap her precum. I love the taste of her when she is on the verge of orgasm … she tastes different than she does at any other time. I sucked at her opening like it was a soda bottle . . . as I collected her juice on my tongue. She was pressing her vulva against my mouth and trying to position herself to rub her clit against me to trigger her orgasm and get relief from the ache that had now gripped her cunt.
    It was time to get her off and give her relief. I raised my lips to the glans of her clit. She was stiff, the hood was retracted and her clit was fully erect. It was cherry red and coated in her precum. I sucked her clit into my mouth like it was one of her nipples and put my tongue under the glans along its shaft. I then began to suck hard on it stretching it out and drawing it into my mouth.
    I began to massage the underside of her clit with my tongue. I rubbed the flat of my tongue up and down on it as I sucked it as if it was a straw that I was trying to get sweet juice from … and I was.
    I then put my right middle finger inside of her vagina and felt in the hot wetness for her g spot. It was a rough lump whose surface was the size and texture of a walnut. I began to massage it in circles and alternating run my finger firmly down its length in a motion like squeezing a toothpaste tube from the bottom up. I continued to suckle on her clit. She was thrusting against my mouth in spastic pushes. I then slid my other hand underneath her, coated it in the puddle of her precum on the bed and slowly inched it in between her ass cheeks to reach into her puckered anus. I found her opening and I smeared the juice on the opening of her rectum; I slowly inserted my lubed finger inside of her anus.
    As soon as I entered her she shuddered hard and gasped …”oh my god, oh my god what are you doing to me …I feel so dirty”. In less than 30 seconds I felt the first orgasmic clench grip my finger inside of her asshole. She grunted, stopped thrusting and her body stiffened as she teetered on the brink. I continued to stroke her g spot and anus with my wet fingers. She shuddered. She was gripping my finger in her asshole really hard. I now opened my mouth wider so that I was now sucking on her inner vaginal lips and the whole area around her clit rubbing them all in circles with my tongue. Her thighs and belly started to tremble and quiver. She bore down and gripped my finger with her asshole even harder and pushed her pelvis down against my other finger which was deep in her cunt on her g spot.
    She was thrusting her pelvis, grunting and gasping when the contractions of her asshole started. I felt them start deep inside her. Soon her perineum and pussy were puckering, twitching and releasing in time to the contractions inside her asshole. She began to curse and call herself all kinds of filthy names for the nasty thing I was making her do as she thrust her pelvis. She had three or four orgasmic spasms and she started to calm down.
    I pulled my finger out of her asshole and inched up to her tit and grasped a nipple and pinched it hard. I then pursed my lips and mouth and went back to suckling just on the underside of her clit rubbing the underside hard with my tongue. It was really sensitive and was trying to retract under its hood, but I kept stimulating it. After a few minutes she began to thrust again as her clit erected again and the cum began to drool out of her. I had forced her to build up to a second orgasm. The last spasm from her first orgasm was winding down just as the next one started up. I pinched her nipple hard and pushed up hard on her g spot.
    She groaned as the chords in her neck stood out and she pushed her head forward on her chest. Her face and chest were bright red. She held her breath and squeezed hard on my finger in her vagina. I curled a second finger and inserted it next to the first one so that they were on both sides of her g spot.
    She then began to curse and say every foul thing she could think of as the second orgasm hit her like a truck. She stiffened and writhed, gripping the sheets; she pulled them so hard she pulled them out from under the mattress. She had surrendered … totally; she had no control at all . . . her orgasm had gripped her vagina, her nipples, her asshole, her skin and all parts of her.
    I kept pushing the orgasm as far as I could. She was twisting and groaning on the bed for a full minute until finally she pushed my face away from her panting opening.
    Being the gentleman that I am I didn’t want to leave her messy. So I carefully licked all the pussy juice from her vulva, vaginal opening and thighs. I lapped up every drop I could causing her to shudder as my tongue ran all over her post orgasmic sensitive parts. I carefully avoided her clit. But I was not about to end this without acknowledging the wonderful little nub of sexy female flesh which I had just suckled. I lowered my lips to her sensitive wet clit and I kissed it passionately, long and hard pressing my lips against its hardness. It was still hard like a marble.
    To my surprise my tongue ministration, and soft passionate sensitive kiss on her most delicate part, caused her vagina to clench down as if it was squeezing an imaginary penis. She groaned at me saying: what are you doing to me again?, I can’t do this ……..how did you make me ….”
    Her disjointed question was choked off as a third orgasm drilled into her vagina and ran like a jolt of electricity up to her brain. I pulled back a few inches from her vagina and watched it clench shut and pucker in rhythmic spasms that caused a small drool of cum to dribble from her clenched hole. She arched her back and squealed as the contractions rushed into her cunt hole causing her to have what looked like convulsions.
    When I went up to the head of the bed she was quivering in aftershocks. I got in bed with her and covered us both up and hugged her. She snuggled up to me and quivered repeatedly as the aftershocks of the orgasm continued. When it was over she snuggled up against me and was asleep in minutes.

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      02/04/2014at9:32 pm

      Lingham –
      DUDE! What a beautiful and erotic post. Surely the giving of pleasure is a most satisfying amplifier of the giver's own bliss on our journey to ecstasy.
      I firmly believe sex is a god-given gift, meant to convey spiritual truth, and to put ecstasy well within the reach of each of us. However, as a glue in intimate relationships, particularly the intimacy in our conjugal relationships, this gift is designed for us to communicate with passion the excitement of profound pleasure and erotic arousal, and its fulfilment to our significant others.
      I just now read your great blog post, and commend you for it. I found it moving and arousing. Like you I'm a grownup married guy and have been blessed with a libido that motivates me in positive directions. I also work and have children, all four )mostly( at least somewhat on their own and out of the house. In spite of a modestly conservative demeanor, I've considered myself open and sophisticated in matters of sex, but was totally naive regarding my prostate, anus and breasts as sources or channels of erotic pleasure, although I understood and accepted that others were less penocentric than myself.
      It was not until the fall of 2010 that I obtained a Progasm Classic and began in earnest to attempt rewiring. At the same time I incorporated my nipples and, of course, my asshole into my solo sexual activities. The rest is history, but the journey continues.
      I believe you stated in one of your posts or chats that you were concerned that your conjugal relations might suffer as a result of the expansion of your own horizons. I shared the same concern, but quickly discovered that rewiring, and the experiences related thereto, have actually increased my ardor and libido, both of which I felt at the time were already pretty optimal!
      Moreover, the wakening of my previously dormant bi-intrigued and m2m-intrigued interests, have in no way decreased my love of women )in particular my wife(, or for pussy. I could wank to your blog post, mate.
      You should consider writing porn for Literotica!
      Thanks for the post.
      – rip

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