• Helpless

    So i have been having no rest time or free time to ride due to being back at work. Even tho i deal with little kids not having them for a full week had us teachers back up so no fun for the O luver. lol
    Today tho I was able to get a few minutes in after a hard days of work but had still had many other things to do. I didn't even have a chance to get fully naked. I just pulled my pants down and unbuttoned my shirt. I have these underwear weres theres a hole and a snap cap king of like cock ring briefs and the cap hides the hard on to make it a regular pair of underwear.
    So I just undid the snaps and the hole kind of works as a cock ring around my balls and cock base. I like the firmness that it gave me which made my hard on that was rising even better. Instantly i began to shake and inded up with one of my handds behind my back. It felt kind of goo dlike i was bing restraint. It made me hornier. So I just put both hands behind my back as I layed on them and rode this a-less session a little more.
    Time began to fly as hard waves crashed inside my body. I was pouring pre cum and my tummy was doing summer salts as the orgasms build from within. With my arms being held down my body had no choice but to just let what ever that was going to happen happen. It felt amazing. I still on a no cumming strike so i held back from the hfwo but the building of those great orgasm was a amazing. I was mmo the who time with having very little resting time in between.
    Its crazy that the ride was so short but still so fulfilling. I hope this work load eases up but i'm still able to have a good ride under stres which is good.

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