• Hello MGX Syn Triden

    After the great rides I’ve been having recently with the EST & HST I invested in the new MGX Syn Trident, being a fan of the MGX Trident i thought the smooth soft-feel silicone would be an improvement, and I was right!

    It arrived last week and I did something I’ve not done before (after all everyday is a learning day), I had four back-to-back sessions spread over four days, all resulting in multiple Super-O’s.

    For me the MGX just seems to just hit ‘the spot’, like the HST & EST once inserted I can hardly feel them, this model though rests sweetly on my prostate, gently nuzzling it. The results have been quite literally mind blowing, never before have I experienced such sustained and powerful sensations whilst being taken to such wonderful places, it almost spiritual.

    Once I’m relaxed and as things start to warm up I can feel what I can only describe as a fizzing sensation in my prostate, this grows and radiates up from my perineum up and over my cock, as if caused by the tightening of a strap, the sensation keeps intensifying resulting in a warm glow around my groin. I contract my PC muscle whist at the same time pushing out with the muscles in my anus, the MGX feels like its locked-on to my prostate and not long afterwards the now familiar sensations of a Super-O build, quivers, shakes and jolts of energy control my body, my whole body contracts and goes rigid, then the delicious part, waves of joy and pleasure wash over me, I’m being transported to the deep recesses of my mind, random but horny thoughts enter my mind merged with kaleidoscope type images of vivid swirling colours. I try to hold this feeling for as long as possible whilst at the same time savouring the ride, seeking out the unknown destination.

    I can now say with confidence ‘I feel re-wired’. Every session now is great, albeit some better than others, sessions are lasting between 60-120 minuets and Super-O’s now seem readily achievable.

    Its take me five years to get to this stage, its been an enjoyable but at times frustrating journey, I have to say though I never thought I’d be able to experience such deep emotional pleasures, there’s no doubt they are life changing sensations.

    I now realise that for far too long I was too fixated on penile orgasms, this no doubt held me back, also not registering and realising the sensations and feelings that lead to the Super-O, that was also a difficult thing to grasp. I feel relived that I’ve finally made it.

    For those of you still trying, keep at it, it will happen and I promise you it will be every bit as good as you could hope for when you do get there.

    Enjoy the ride!

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