• Helix Syn/Eupho Trident Breakfast Combo

    I was completing my morning routine and decided I had the time for a 30 min session. I had used the Progasm Ice yesterday, so I grabbed my Helix Syn. After about 15 mins I didn’t feel as though I’d make it to super o status in the time I had left. I’d had some great p waves and my prostate was humming nicely, so I switched to my Eupho Trident. 30 seconds was all it took to get my abs and hips erupting with pleasure. I was able to manipulate the Eupho and have it dance around on my prostate, trying not to clench or flex too hard. My prostate had other ideas however, as it pulled it in, not wanting to let it go. I hated to stop. I was a sweaty mess, prostate buzzing and wanting more. The “Breakfast of Champions”!

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