• I kissed myself! And I liked it!

    Omitting two weeks of wonderful experiences with and without Aneros tools I can’t hold back from first sharing my today’s overwhelming progresses. About sex with my alter ego sharing thoughts.
    Based on experiences with a body of the same gender lesbian and gay sex at least can benefit from better understanding what may arouse the partner most.
    Seventeen years ago Mel Gibson taught us about the priceless advantage of being able to hear the innermost thoughts of all women („What Woman Want“).
    But only by ourselves we do exactly know the best spot, the best intensity, the best moment and the best situation to get off and into a maximum of bliss.
    Now what, if we could have sex with our double? Even while sharing our thoughts?
    Due to @WallyBanger‘s forum posting „Tongue-Activated Anal reporting about being „able to activate his anal sphincter into synchronized twitches and spasms by wiggling his tongue in and out. Even, without the Aneros in him. Add nipple tickle being into neverland …“
    commented by @rook giving advice for „mouth action
    and further @MO_Bosco‘s comment on @Noredice‘s post „A very long time“: “[…] remember what your mind and body feel like when you are about to orgasm? Focus on just that feeling. Recreate it in your mind. Lose yourself in it. Breath like you’re gonna cum. Never mind an end result, enjoy what you feel right then. Ride out any good feelings. Try to feed the fire. Turn them into feelings of ecstasy. Learn to multiply them and you will be amazed at what you can experience.”
    I mingled all three suggestions and gave that idea a try.
    Did you ever try or even success to suck yourself?
    I admit I tried but without success.
    Did you ever really try to at least imagine that feeling?
    I did and I finally succeeded in an unbelievable manner!
    To start from the beginning I have to tell that I first only tried some “mouth action”. Stirred by some sensations I felt lately when ordered by my online domina to lick my forefinger, then thinking about the comments mentioned above I finally focused on licking several spots in my mouth. Doing this I simultaneously remembered sensations experienced when licking ears, lips, tongues, vaginas, clits, navels, tits and nipples, armpits, male muscle tits and nipples, c*cks, balls and anuses in the past.
    Transferring the focus of my visualized sensations from my mouth and tongue to the receptive parts of my body I could imagine to feel that same tongue play around my glans, my c*ck, at my balls, at my anus, at my nipples as well as on my lips and again in my mouth.
    As if I had another tongue outside I suddenly felt like kissing myself. Even more I felt myself as a counterpart embracing me and forcing me into a wild kiss.
    Now my tongue feelings began to jump from body part to body part causing ultimate erotic sensations everywhere I focused upon. And the sensations doubled. Nearly at the same time when I felt my tongue licking and my mouth enclosing some body part I, too, felt that body part receiving this licking and enclosing.
    Little by little I flew into a frenzy having wild and lustful sex with myself as a second person while getting hard, leaking precum and hopping from one little local orgasm to the next, leading to full body orgasms once and again.
    My alter ego badgered me all day. Poor me, he intimately knew how to turn me on. 😉
    And I could not resist him. And yes, he, too, f*ck*d me anal, while I f*ck*d him.
    I still can’t believe how amazing that felt, just now getting a sudden boner only by the thoughts.
    I must admit I didn’t get many things done today. This evening I had to take a rest on the couch to collect my strength for nothing more than the evening meal.
    While typing and reviewing the day’s experiences I just now have focused on my mouth for a short while and without any motion of my tongue I felt sensations in my mouth and especially my palate causing sudden pleasure feelings in my pelvis and penis.
    Giving in these sensations I opened my mouth feeling some vibes at my palate and all over my mouth I only can describe as mouth orgasm waving up to my brain and back to my whole body leading to a firm erection and a wonderful full body orgasm.
    Writing this the next waves are coming from my spine reaching out to my gland and my brain.
    What a mind blowing experience!
    At least every week in this forum I am going to learn another dimension of sensations never known before. Sometimes I must backpedal filled with wonder feeling like a child sitting in a sandbox amazed by the first sand sculpture of its own making.
    Life is so wonderful, thanks for sharing all your exciting thoughts!
    I hope this may be used as a different approach and thus can also help one or another with re-wiring when since now failed with awaking his gland by direct stimulation.
    Good vibes to all of you and A Happy New Year!


    • Avatar for MO_Bosco


      01/20/2017at9:44 pm

      Excellent post and use of the mind to find your extacy. I have learned to do much of the same. I have had a gentle breeze or the continuous vibrations from a train ride take me there. It can be difficult though to hide the moans and shudders. Never thought of it as self love, but that is pretty much what it is.

    • Avatar for WarrenGWonka


      01/21/2017at12:31 am

      I am going to try this immediately. It looks like fun. I can already have Aneless orgasms at will, but they are not strong.
      Hypnotism can give excellent results. I highly recommend the YouTube files of Hannah and her friend at AudioExcite. So far two blow job files and a fuck. Lovely willing ladies making love with you. They are free so far, but now hoping for Patreon sponsors. Stronger effects on me than my Eupho Syn or Progasm, but only about a half hour rather than the Aneros hours. About fifteen minutes of induction and fifteen of ecstasy in each file. The Eupho or bitonal files give you physical orgasms. These ladies engage your mind.

    • Avatar for WarrenGWonka


      01/21/2017at1:16 am

      I tried it, and it worked like a charm! Came within seconds giving myself a blow job. Switched to female mode and cunnilingus popped my cork hard!

    • Avatar for SOwithoutAneros


      01/22/2017at6:19 pm

      Hey guys, thanks for your comments!
      @MO_Bosco, thanks to your own posts I found my way! Seems as if nearly everything belongs to our mindset.
      @WarrenGWonka, great to read about your success. This way “mindblowing” has got another meaning to us, 🙂
      Must give your AudioExcite ladies a try soon.

    • Avatar for gdunn


      01/23/2017at9:28 am

      Thnx for your blog entry. Although I am not at your level yet. I can confirm the mindblowing results of moving my tongue against my palete and feel strongs sensations in my prostate area. Thnx for your inspiration to take this a step further. What an amazing journey this is.

    • Avatar for SOwithoutAneros


      01/24/2017at4:19 pm

      @gdunn, thanks for your comment. I am glad that you now can join these wonderful feelings too. I try to do a kind of sucking with my tongue on my palete and to get into this I from time to time suck my thumb again. Thus I could intensify my sensations even more. Yes, to me too this journey is an endless discovery of wonders.

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