• Harnessing Aless for masturbation and Super-T's *

    Hi guys,
    Today was an off day for Anerosing. I devoted it to Aless while running errands here in Georgetown such as my weekly banking and getting a much needed haircut. I ran these errands before twelve noon because of a heatwave that has settled over our area. It will be brutally hot tomorrow Friday and through the weekend until next Tuesday. I arrived back home just before noon worn out by the excessive heat and took refuge in my air conditioned apartment.
    However some hours before these errands, I got coffee and a couple croissants from the neighborhood 7-Eleven. I felt horny with vibrant Aless. Slipping on a BIKE no. 10 jockstrap made me feel youthful and athletic. After my light breakfast, I stripped myself naked and began Kegeling all the while focusing on my dick which became plump with desire. At age 67, I do not produce many rockhard erections now. However, I decided to masturbate my penis while Kegeling. In no time, I was enjoying this action for about fifteen minutes, going all the way to orgasm and ejaculation. Because of my Aneros session, whenever I cum, it is creamy and thick accompanied by a sweet orgasm that lasts a minute or two.
    An idea came to me today. Spend a period of time nearly every day Kegeling and masturbating. Edge as long as possible. Thus I can get myself into a masturbatory routine that can be applied to Super-T shoots thereby achieving success in that goal.
    I call this process harnessing and channeling Aless into masturbation and Super-T’s. Take care.
    Update no. 1: Late a.m., 8/12/2016. Today I commence today a nearly daily regimen sessions of masturbation with edging. I am really excited because my buddy, @GGringo suggests I do this twice a day. As preparation, I have been Kegeling gently and my penis and gonads are excited!
    Update no. 2: 11:28 a.m., 8/12/2016. Light Kegels send surges of pleasure through my prostate, anal canal, and cock right now. Savoring this sweet pleasure. Getting ready for my bating session!


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      08/12/2016at2:16 pm

      @bigglansDC, well written! It works and edging seems to help in Aless and Aneros sessions. Thank you for sharing.

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      08/12/2016at3:10 pm

      @GGringo, I hope to begin my regimen later today! 🙂

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