• Greedy

    I ordered my Progasm Classic about two weeks ago.
    For the first week I just kind of fumbled around with it. Even though the feeling of having it inside me was pleasurable it was frustrating to read the blogs about others experiences and not figure it out.
    At the end of the first week – for some reason – I finally had an orgasm. I’m not sure exactly what I was doing differently. I think that I just put it in whenever I had a stretch of time and figured out out it felt until…..BAM!
    Once I came I was able to have several sessions where I came. But then I had two sessions that were much like week 1 – which was immensely frustrating. I think I was just trying too hard.
    After that – I just started listening to my prostate (LOL). I didn’t bother to try to cum unless I could feel my prostate was tensing up in anticipation.
    Right now I’m in week three, and I seem to have figured this out (I hope).
    I’m having intense multiple orgasm sessions several times a day. It takes me less than five minutes from when I insert the progasm to when I am cumming. I am basically like a kid who ate all of his Halloween candy in one sitting at this point. There are times when I can just have a ten-minute session and be satisfied, and there are times when I want to devote an hour our so just to intense cumming.


    • simplepenguin

      07/12/2020at1:53 pm

      Congratulations! Sounds wonderful.

    • Avatar for Buckwheat


      09/20/2020at8:47 pm

      Thanks for posting this. I just got my first product and am having a slow start. It sounds like you experienced the same thing and its good to know you had success! I am hoping for the same soon.

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      12/06/2020at4:34 pm

      I starter my aneros journey, about 2 months ago with the Eupho. My head was saying, I need to feel this super o everyone was talking about. After about a month of using my aneros and reading all the advice I could fund, I began having what I would call mini o’s. Over the next half month the sensations have increased and come one after another but no super o. After reading about the program, I felt I should give it a try and ordered it. Got my Progasm 2 days ago. First day I inserted it and found it went in easily with no pain. That was a surprise since Iwas new at exploring my prostate through my anus. I had it in for about a hour with some nice strong feelings going on and some precum flow. It began to feel a little uncomfortable, so I stopped my session. Day two, I woke up about 4 am for a bathroom run. I was feeling a bit horny so I got out the Eupho and inserted it. I must have fallen asleep as I woke to the feeling that of having several minor o’s. Feeling a greatorgasm, felt like I was squirting out sperm but no, just a nice dry orgasms. After having about a hour of these min o’s, I decided to switch to the Progasm to see what would happen next. As soon as the Progasm hit home, I started to quiver about and then leg shakes started along with a wonderful exciting strong dry orgasm. When one wave of orgasm stopped, another started. This went on for about a hour when I had to stop my session and get up. I know the super o is there waiting. I am excited to continue my journey.

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