• Great New Couples Aneros Practice Techniques

    For a number of months I have been under a number of related non-sexual health problems… Nevertheless, on the few better days, my dear wife and I have taken the time to advance our great orgasmic energies exchanging practice, built upon the full awakening of our prostates: mine Male Gspot, hers Female Gspot.
    Using manual massage techniques together, in our celebrated Wedding Band Position, we have greatly enhanced my awakening using various Aneros models over past 8+ years. In the 1st session we opened with mutual manual stimulations leading to inserting my Progasm Red Ice!!! mmmmmmm and as we progressed and began me fingering her vagina, I suggested we try as see how my unused Progasm Ivory Ice might feel inside her and contact her Gspot areas… WELL!!! she started getting wonderful sensations and responses throughout her body!!! mmmmmmm and soon we we were sailing and soaring though ecstasies unbound~~~~!!!~~!~~!~~!~!!!!!!!~~!~!~~~!!!!
    Her Progasm Ivory Ice now resides in her bedside table and we treat them, almost like our four model Peridise set as our pleasures arsenal on both sides of our king size bed, and along it wide headboard shelf!! Unfortunately, like several other Anerosian wives we know, my wife also finds her EVI bulb too thick to take comfortably yet… We hope that if the current model is in effect the EVI Queen, Aneros may soon produce a slimmer Aneros Princess model.
    Our second session a couple of weeks later added to these great added results and further enhanced mutual manual techniques, and variations on the Wedding Band OH YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!! Unbelievable OH OH OOOOOOOOOOOOOMGmmmmmmmmmmmm
    I want to express my appreciation to Anerosian "nurselady" for her sharing of female experiences with the the Progasm models!!! All best wishes nurselady!!
    My wife and I now enjoy the full benefits of my mixed Aneros/KSMO/Tao orgasmic energies and ecstasies practice; each session opening new horizons of sensuous, energizing, orgasmic, spiritual and healing wonders of this universe/multi-verse!!!


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      03/15/2015at10:17 am


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      03/25/2015at10:15 pm

      I'm so glad you're back and enjoying life, Art.

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      12/30/2017at3:39 pm

      This sounds absolutely spectacular! What a fantastic and erotic experience for you both. Probably one of those moments where time stops and you’re totally enveloped in each other.

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