• Good sessions or just so-so, there’s always something to take away.

    One of the many things that I have learned so far is that no two sessions ever seem to follow a similar pattern. Some might be intensely pleasurable while other times somehow it just doesn’t quite get there. Regardless, I have found that I will nearly always find something new to take away from the session. My last two sessions have been at both ends of the scale. The intensely pleasurable one came courtesy of my Eupho Trident a couple of nights ago. The Eupho has since become my favourite by far. Small it may well be but, it revealed a couple of new experiences to me. I have read that because of its design, a side to side movement can be felt, so I was on the lookout for that. But when it came, strangely, it felt to me that it was not the Eupho that was moving, more like I was moving bodily around the Eupho. Lying with my eyes closed I could have sworn that I was gliding from left to right on my buttocks, I had to concentrate hard to maintain that impression but it was very convincing. Another revelation came from the P tab. All of my other devices tend to sit with the tab just to one side of my perineum, I try to centre them but soon they have again drifted off to one side, I have never actually noticed any real stimulation from the P tab at all. So more from habit than anything else, during my Eupho session I aligned the tab on the ridge of my perineum never expecting what came next. It was as if someone had flicked on a switch. Within a few moments I became aware of what I can only describe as a surge of energy flowing right into my nuts and along the length of my now very enthusiastic penis. Just as I was coming to terms with this, the bar was raised again. I began to notice that my involuntary contractions were pulling the Aneros in and flexing the P tab which, in turn moved slightly downwards, pulling taut the skin on my scrotum and the base of my penis. It felt as if the Eupho was trying to masturbate me and work on my prostate at the same time. The sensations were exquisite to the point of being almost unbearable. I thought and hoped it might lead to my first HFWO but it was so hard to concentrate on all of the sensations at once as my attention went back and forth between prostate and penis. Eventually the session came to an end but I was left with some wonderful Aless that was humming away for almost 24 hours afterwards. In future sessions I am going to persevere with the alignment of the P tab now that I am aware of the possibilities. In contrast, last nights session with my Helix Syn never really got going. I’m not sure why, I think perhaps I was tired and should have postponed it until I was better rested. After 30 minutes or so I was about ready to abandon the session as I was feeling a little discomfort. It was then that I realised that I had been really clamping down on the Helix and maintaining the pressure for some reason, possibly trying too hard. Curiously I found it difficult persuade my anus to relax and ease the grip. As soon as I did manage to release it was immediately pulled back in again. This to and fro situation went on for a while until suddenly it became an automatic action, like rapid-fire. It only lasted for a few seconds before it all got out of sync, it happened once more before I called it a day. So, not the best session but, I have found something to work on now. I think I will dedicate a few minutes in every session to try and build up that response.

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      04/10/2018at7:34 pm

      @Harper Great blog! I find that posting a blog soon after a session helps me to recall the nuances that occurred during the session. As you said, no two sessions are the same! So true! I am amazed at the new sensations I get from my new Helix Trident! Even the “dull” sessions are worth blogging (as you did); that way you can better prepare for your next great session!

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