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    Yeah, that night last week was pretty weird. It's a week later now, and I can't really see the reason why that was. Several of my experiences with prostate massage have been colored by temporary apprehension and uncertainty. That's not a bad thing. You don't make progress if you never leave your comfort zone.
    The a-less orgasm is the worst tease I've known. I can get it started with some consistency, but my skills are not strong enough to maintain it or really crank it up. The times when an a-less glides into a few contractions or jumps to an abdominal clench are nice surprises. My a-less experiences are taking a path remarkably parallel to the path my a-full ones were taking just a few weeks ago.
    My sessions are steadily becoming more satisfying by introducing a little auto-foreplay. I like to start with some porn, encouraging an a-less orgasm to simmer, and, if it wants, surge to a gut-busting spasm. I resist inserting until a few drops of pre-cum dribble out of my cock.
    Last night was the best session I've had yet. I've been hesitant to use the “super-O” label for myself. I figured that was for people who'd worked much harder than I have–people with skills much more developed than mine. I have no doubt last night's session qualifies. Several prior sessions would have qualified, in fact, but last night's was all that and a bag of chips.
    I only did a couple things differently in last night's session. I was leaning back on a pillow, more upright than usual, and had only one leg in the knee-up position; my other leg was stretched out flat. I think this position let the helix make better internal contact without physically obstructing external movement.
    I choose that position not because I was looking for those effects, but because I was looking for and looking at porn on the TV. By stupid luck, that activity was a perfect combination of arousing and distracting. My internal contractions, free from my meddlesome attention, were allowed to establish a solid cadence. Before I really knew it was happening, the incipient orgasm had overtaken me.
    “Whole-body orgasm” is not exaggeration–I felt it all over, and only slightly less intensely than in my pelvis. I didn't have the “falling” sensation that people sometimes mention, but there was a definite feeling of detachment from gravity. I normally only get that feeling from fever or heavy intoxication, and those associations made it a little unpleasant. I'm pretty sure I'll get over it with the help of a few more of those orgasms.

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      Thanks for sharing. I'll continue to follow you.

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