• Going through a phase?

    Ok so theres not much to tell. Lately my aneros sessions have been dull, nowhere near the intensity they had been when it was real good but there is enough pleasure to bring me back night after night still.
    Maximus gave me super Os the second time i used it but has now gone quiet just pwaves.
    I occasionally use progasm Ice which is nice but not mind blowing. Helix is the best most of the time?
    For whatever reason i have started craving sleeping with the peridise or helix. I cant not explain it, when i started bout sleeping with it was fun but all of a sudden i loathed sleeping with it and now i have done a back flip and am sleeping with it every night?????
    Have had a number of sessions with vice on vibrate and they get me workedup alright but it does not work like any other aneros i have used. Its more of a vibrating dildo really with a hint of aneros

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