• Getting into the Autof**k [Action]

    Hi guys,
    The path to the Super-O or MMO's can be quick and easy, or long and arduous. Many guys can achieve a Super-O in many cases after a few months with the Aneros and some in just a few weeks. For me, it seems that my journey to experiencing my very first Super-O has been long and slow, but I would not say arduous, because it seems most of my sessions since the beginning of this year have been just laden with pleasure! And most of them have been just plain fun! I enjoy it that way, and perhaps with my least knowing it and by surprise, I'll experience my very first Super-O that will transform my life.
    I am glad that in September 2011 that I began a regimen of Kegel Exercises. In October 2011, I met a guy on BateWorld who told me about the Aneros for the very first time and that the Kegels were just fine for the Aneros. It was only when over a year later in October 2012 when I began working with the Progasm that I discovered that the Progasm and the Kegels work together so well synergetically. It seemed that the Progasm and the Kegels were made for each other. That discovery in itself began to transform my Aneros sessions on a much greater level.
    But it took me weeks and months of experimenting with my various Aneros models to learn to relax and just enjoy! Alex_xxx's Method of Shallow Breathing along with the Aneros Tug-of-War Technique helped me along with relaxation which led me some weeks ago to long and slow Aneros Autof**k strokes which produce such sweet pleasure and satisfaction, just tons of pleasure!
    Here is the following sequence of my Aneros men at bat in most of my sessions the last two or three weeks:
    Helix Syn — Maximus — Progasm Junior — DeVice — Progasm Ice — Progasm Classic — Progasm Black Ice.
    I used to begin working with each model with three to seven 60 second Kegels. That rigorous sort of "weight" training beginning last fall and continuing until last March or April was excellent for developing my anal musculature and sphincters. Then this past April I discovered that I need hardly any effort at all when working with each of my Aneros models. This was pointed out to me some weeks ago as the DO NOTHING CAMP by Aneros user Turnrow, in contradistinction to the TUG-OF-WAR CAMP. So some weeks ago, I began inserting each Aneros model on my team with hardly an anal contraction or a Kegel. But clearly something happened! And that is my discovery.
    It all has to do with sexual arousal. Guys enjoy sex or masturbation because they are sexually aroused. Sexual arousal is the most natural thing in the world for most guys because most guys are hardwired for sex or playing with themselves through masturbation.
    Thus I have come to appreciate each Aneros model I use in a new and wonderful way. So I insert Helix Syn and my aroused prostate takes over. Doing nothing or even doing very little leads me quickly to the sexual suspension found in the Aneros Tug-of-War Technique which now is so natural and easy. I find now that my shallow breaths power my Aneros f**k strokes which go in and out so slowly. Because of this, I have begun to appreciate in a new and lively what Maximus does to me in the autof**k. Progasm Junior is so special too! And then I am really getting into my Progasm models in such subtle ways now. My sessions now last on the average of three hours. I don't even want them to stop! But even in my "retirement," I have errands to run, chores to do, and just the business of life! It is better that way. I will tell you why.
    There are obvious consolations when each of my Aneros sessions end. First, there is my well Anerosed, vibrating, pulsating prostate which gives me a spurt of wellbeing and good health. There is reflected in my energetic, power walking. When I urinate now, my urine stream is strong and forceful. That is good. Also there is improvement in my bowel movements, also good.
    But most of all, it is extremely gratifying to feel the Anerosless autof**k when I sit at my PC and do some light, subtle or strong Kegels, or when I stimulate and caress my nipples, hairy chest, abs, or feel the motion of not only my prostate, but also also my genitals and my muscular thighs. I feel so male, so alive! That is Aneros rewiring has done for me!
    Take care!
    P.S. Further thoughts on Aneros autof**k strokes. I am very much in the dark on fucking because I have never done it with either a woman or a man. Perhaps some input from guys who have done it may be useful because this is a sexual activity which is fairly universal, common, and even primal among humans. Coitus is central to reproduction of our species. I would be most interested in finding out if guys mostly use whole strokes or a mixture of whole and part fuck strokes in coitus. My experience with the Aneros autof**k is that both whole and part strokes happen in my sessions. But in recent weeks, I let myself go with whatever autof**k happens. It is much more fun and pleasurable that way!

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