• Getting better

    Tw nights ago I had my first super-O for a while. The night after I was too tired and got nowhere so gave up.
    Last night it took a while but once I broke throught into an orgasm I knew it was going to be good again. I was still very tired from lack of sleep and long working hours so my mind wasn't really in the right place and I was doubting myself and worried I might 'lose it' but it was still something amazing. Had I been totally rested I think I would have had the best experience of my life.
    It started as a strong prostate orgasm with a sort of dreamy feel washing over me. I relaxed and found that I started getting an anal orgasm which I haven't experienced before, together with some deeper sensations. Then I went into an intense prostate/abdominal orgasm that completely took my breath away and left me bend double gasping for breath totally locked in a continuous wave of pleasure that held on to me for several minutes – it was one long burst of electricity shooting up through me that just went on and on and one of the most intense things I have ever had.
    I really need to get some sleep and I'm sure this could get even better still.

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