• Further Steps

    Since the last writing, I've used my Aneros three more times. Each time, I learn something new, and occasionally I learn things through other activity not involving the Aneros.
    My second ride was nowhere near as powerful an experience as my first. Frankly, my first ride has yet to be surpassed in terms of intensity and general pleasure. )Which is fine. I'm glad to have had it nonetheless.( In this second session I learned this, that not all sessions will be mind-splosions, but also the very beginnings of sensations inside my ass. Some crept in towards the end of my first session, but in the second, I was more able to pay attention to them, identify them, greet them. They didn't stay. That is also fine.
    My second ride was pleasing in a fairly minimalist way, and left me wanting more. I had an urge for sex, which I put aside, but when it crept up persistently for minutes at a time I called my SO in to the room for intercourse. She obliged happily, and I learned what sex with an Aneros device inside feels like. It was interesting, and pleasing, and also somewhat obstructive. Not my favorite experience, but might be good for occasional implementation.
    My third ride occurred while I was housesitting for family, who own a jacuzzi tub. After consulting with some Aneros forum members in chat, who assured me that it would be safe to do so, I popped the Aneros in and got in the jacuzzi. It was a decent experience, after I finagled a comfortable position in the tub, and sure enough, it was no problem in terms of physical safety, despite the lube being water-based. I laid down on the bed after I had had enough of the tub's humidity, and relaxed. Further discoveries relating to the sensations of my rectal anatomy aside, the experience was largely uneventful.
    The next day, however, my SO and I had sex. One thing about this–whenever I have recently had an Aneros session, I am much more capable of great feats of patience in sex. I am more apt to take my time in touching her, slowly, in any number of places that I might otherwise, in my haste, consider mundane, or more accurately, insufficiently effective as erogenous zones. It is my hope that any women reading this can glean some understanding from this just how far it is a man needs to stretch his mind in order to pay attention to a woman's body in the way it may be best received, rather than merely seeing how incredibly silly it is to believe that touching the skin slowly and patiently is "insufficiently" anything. )Even though it is incredibly silly.(
    But I digress. In this slow-dance foreplay, we touch eachother for long moments over long stretches of skin, and I find myself climaxing. It's a familiar type of climax, now–very similar to what I'd experienced during my first ride, and something I'd experienced again in a less intense form during my third. This without an Aneros in, from being touched, caressed. The Aneros certainly showed me the virtues of the patience required to achieve this pleasure, but due to this experience I believe it's not related to any sort of prostate reaction. I have come to call these events "skingasms." They're pretty great! They're also a fantastic way to tone up your core muscles–I'm exhausted, abdominally, after a couple minutes of them.
    My fourth ride, I again employed the jacuzzi, but didn't find anything new to be found there. I settled back to the bed, set up my computer, and started up a YouTube video from user "Dr Nepal," at the suggestion of a chatter. I plug in my headphones. It's decent, but my mind is too focused on it, there's not enough to get lost in. I fire up a porn to play simultaneously. It's perfect–the binaural beats mask the minutiae of the porn–the small motions and rustlings, the definition of the spoken words–while allowing the 'good parts' to be heard well. I deliberately avoid touching myself in a general sense, trying to keep a skingasm from drowning out any other, deeper, new sensations. I'm met with some success from this–whether from Aneros stimulation, the binaural beat/porn mixture, or some other subliminal process, I am granted a couple smaller throes of pleasure. I find I am enjoying more and more the process of inserting, and later removing, the Aneros device. I ignore the parts of my mind that consider that that may be worth worrying over.
    I am using the Aneros at a rate of slightly more than once a week. Is this perhaps not frequently enough to become accustomed to any sensations I may be encountering? Perhaps, but my life the way it is, I have little opportunity to change it. My SO begins to see the Aneros with some disregard, some mixture of jealousy and despair, while understanding on a conscious level that I'm trying to reach the heights of pleasure that she's been privileged with for many years, which is a thing worth reaching for. It is a bit of a social minefield. I do not look forward to navigating it, but I yet continue the journey.

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