• Fun With New Progasm

    Yesterday I got the new 20th anniversary edition Progasm in black ice. I read that it had been modified to trident specifications. I compared it to my old one. They looked the same to me, but I knew the changes were probably too subtle to notice. I relaxed my mind. I lubed up myself and the progasm. I inserted it and took several minutes to breathe and relax. I have found that the “do nothing” method seems to work best for me. After I started playing with my nipples, I could feel my sphincter and anal cavity tingling and contracting. I could just barely feel the progasm moving and twitching. Then the movements became more pronounced. I could feel it moving and my insides tingling. It wasn’t anything mind blowing just yet, but it was a pleasant prelude for what was to come.

    The fireworks really started on the third orgasm. I started playing with my nipples. I could feel the muscles contracting. As the progasm got pulled in further and further, I felt this rising sensation in my body that’s so difficult to describe. Then I could feel the head of the progasm really massaging my prostate, and it was heavenly. My whole body felt it. The muscled contractions became stronger and more rapid. It almost felt too good. My body felt so warm and light. I almost felt like my body would start floating. I had a few more orgasms similar to that, but each one was different.

    Then something different happened. I had the feeling that I needed to insert my mgx syn trident. That’s not something I usually do. When I change massagers, I usually go from a smaller one to a larger one. I followed my intuition and inserted the mgx. Not much happened at first. Then suddenly I got a very strange overwhelming feeling. It’s like that feeling of anticipation you get when you’re on a roller coaster. You’re slowly climbing up a steep incline right before a steep descent. My heart started beating rapidly. This is going to sound strange, but it felt like my prostate was not inside my body. As the feelings intensified, it felt like my prostate was rising out of my body. My whole body felt like it wasn’t solid anymore. It’s like I was just this amorphous mass of buzzing tingling energy.

    After that, my session wound down. Suffice it to say, it was quite a mind blowing experience.

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      Jonathan Huck

      06/06/2021at2:29 pm

      I thought I was the only one who had this rising feeling. To me, it’s almost like a *orgasm*.. where was I…? *another slew of orgasms roll over my body*.. It’s like a backbend, and being lifted into heaven by a rope! Ride on dude!!! I know I will!!!

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