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    Since I have written a long blog post and got logged out before it could be posted (my fault), I’ll keep this post brief.

    Currently my sessions involve erotic audio (I find that soft sensual moans helps me to relax and drift into the right space), circling around but not directly on the nipples and lying on the back with knees pointing up position. It’s been working well and my past 10 sessions or so have gotten increasingly and distinctly better each and everytime (hope I dont jinx this with the too much expectations haha).

    The pelvic muscles have gotten stronger, the prostate orgasms last much longer. I find that I can get into that orgasmic state much quicker too. At this point I can safely say the prostate orgasms are just as intense as regular TOs without the penis stimulation and ejaculation.

    With some mild clenching and letting the audio moans kick arousal into the prostate, I feel the unmistakable orgasm coming on and it does. At some points the orgasm gets so intense and the Aneros strokes the prostate so intensely I think it could hurt me but it never did! Sometimes there are large strokes and sometimes really small spasms when things get intense. The orgasms come in different lengths and intensities. There was once I came off an orgasm and I felt the Aneros stroke me, it felt exceptional and I started cumming again within 5 secs.

    I’ve just ordered the new Helix Trident Syn, so eager to try it out!!


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      03/17/2019at11:04 am

      @Bloopasdf Rather than play “beat-the-clock” may I suggest you compose your blogs in Word, then simply cut-and-paste into your Aneros blog. That way you can take your time and won’t lose anything! (That is what I do all the time!)

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