• Full body clench

    Ok so last night I thought I would give the eupho a go as I have not been getting much out of it latly but that maybe because I have not used it first.
    Inserted the eupho and was having a real nice session.
    I got to a point where I was in the middle of a string of about 5 dry Os one after the other with anywhere from 5 seconds to half a minute inbetween peaks.
    The last one I had the dry ejaculation feeling the about 4 seconds later my whole body tensed up. Not like if you try to tense your whole body at once, this was way way more intense and very pleasurable.
    It was like a peak and relese and only lasted a few seconds. could not do it again.
    I have not experienced this before.
    It added a whole new peak to the session.
    I don't think this was a super O I suspect not as although it was exquisitely enjoyable it was not mind blowing.
    The trouble with all these new feeling is they all blow your mind but the bar is always being lifted to new heights. So how do you ever know when you have got there?
    They say you will know so I will have to have faith.
    Out of interest there was no major deep throat clamping like the previous session only a few hours before.
    Tried helix and eupho for a while to with Llewellyn – Tantric Sexuality cd 55 min long with each. Very nice.
    Oh and I have noticed that I am having muscle twitching going on all over the place intermittently.
    The beginning of quaking I should think.
    It is because of different models of aneros that I advance I am sure.

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