• Fueling for the race

    As I've probably mentioned I often use the Peridise for a little while )15-30 minutes( before switching to the Helix in most sessions. Friday evening wasn't any different. I did have one thing planned to try this time. Previously, I had had one of my longest super-O's in a Helix session where I'd stimulated my nipples quite a bit in the Peridise session before, but not at all with the Helix. That's what I planned on this time.
    The nipple stimulation almost always brings me to an orgasmic state in short order if the Peridise, Helix, etc. is inserted. I was hoping that something about doing the nipple stimulation with the Peridise would carry over to the Helix. Things went as I had hoped.
    I don't know if I did the nipple stimulation all that long. I still had the Peridise in for several minutes before starting in on the nipples. I switched over to the Helix, got myself situated and waiting in hopeful anticipation.
    I don't think "waiting" or "doing nothing" is really what is going on even though outwardly it would look like that. I find myself actively keeping certain muscles in my pelvic area from getting tense. It's easier than it used to be, but there's focus needed to maintain this. There's a nearly automatic reaction at times for these muscles to tense up when a wave of pleasure hits, but it really prolongs the pleasure to keep those muscles from clenching.
    Anyway, after probably less than five minutes with the Helix in I started to enter into a super-O. I'm always intrigued by how gradual the transition to orgasm is with the Aneros rather than a traditional orgasm. Sometimes my moaning starts before I have a solid recognition that there's much pleasure going on.
    There wasn't anything to indicate that this would be a better or worse, longer or shorter orgasm. I could only hope that something from the Peridise-nipple combination would carry over. Well, things ended up lasting for about 50 minutes without dropping out of the orgasm. There were a couple times where I had very strong surges of pleasure that were approaching T-gasm scale, but still a little off. I think at those times my focus was really in tune with the pleasure and I had my pelvic muscles staying where I wanted.
    Usually I move my legs after some length of time to get into a more comfortable position, but amazingly I was content to leave then half bent with my feet flat on my bed during the whole orgasm. That never happens. I often end up with my legs flat on the bed by the end, and I tend to stay face up throughout.
    I've noticed that I'm keeping my lower body much more still than I used to. Except for repositioning my legs once or twice, my arms and head are where any movement is. I really had my arms going by the end this time; bracing myself against the surface of the bed as I enduring the pleasure waves when they got more "global". Once in a while I'll spasm a little from the hips, but it's not like it used to be. Things have quieted down.
    I can't really do justice to how good it felt. It just went on for so long that I was finally exhausted and had my fill. Well, almost. I still brought myself to ejaculate, and it was pretty good in its own right. It felt like mini-O's all throughout the buildup. All the shaking that my lower body didn't do during the Aneros session happened with the T-gasm. It was glorious.
    The funny thing is that I spent more time in a orgasmic state from the one super-O that night than I did running a 10k the next morning…by at least 8 minutes! 😮

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