• Frustration with Vice last night

    Tried the Vice last night. Was very frustrating. Got really nowhere. The only highlight of the evening came in the first 15 minutes after inserting it. Wow, could really feel that the prostate was being touched.
    But that's as far as it went. Tried doing nothing, fiddling with my perineum, moving around. Nothing went anywhere. Maybe my body just wasnt ready. During the day, I hadn't really felt horny for a Dry-O experience since two nights ago when I had a great experience with the Helix.
    Also, even though I think the lubes are working great, and I have enough, after 45 min, my rectum was feeling uncomfortable. Like the Vice was too big. Even though you could feel it passing the prostate, it wasn't generating pleasure. After an hour, I did feel some prostate buzzing and some small involuntary movements – maybe heartbeet movement twiggles on my prostate.
    But at that point, was done, so took it out. Tried some straight perineum massage that usually always works right away, but nothing there either. It felt like the strong sensations from the Vice were again flooding out the smaller whispers of feelings from the Perineum massage.
    I'm now using an all vegetable gel to pre-lube the aneros, and a mixture of pasteurized coconut and shea Butter oils intjected internally )1.5 tsp(. So far am happy w the veggie oil mix to pre-lube. After 45 min, I pulled out the Vice to check it, and it was still moist all over from the lube stiking to it. Previously using Vaseline for pre-lube, the Vice was always mostly dry when I pulled out to check.
    Bought the gel at Walgreens, "BabyGanics Non Petroleum Protective Ointment", 7.5 oz. Contains Beeswax plus about 9 other seed oils and lanolin. Looks and spreads like Vaseline. Just used it twice, so I don't really know how it'll work in the long term.
    I'm sort of wondering if the Vice generates too much prostate activity that drounds out the subtle feelings, OR, there really isn't enough lube for the Vice, OR, the thing is JUST TOO BIG for my rectum…
    Seems that the first two times I used the Vice, I didn't have this problem. Oh, well, the nieve wonderings of a newbie…

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