• From the Start

    As this is the first entry in my blog it makes perfect sense to start at the beginning.

    As a teenager I discovered the delights of anal play, I’m straight but knew there was a world of pleasures to be discovered by probing my ass.
    Things started with carrots, courgettes, basically anything I could shove up there that would fit, Vaseline was my lube of choice. Many horny teen sessions were had experimenting whilst searching for pleasure.

    Into my twenties and girls had arrived on the scene, although in private a collection of toys were spicing things up, I’ve always had a kinky side to me so I love to experiment, pushing the limits searching for the next sexual high.

    Fast forward a couple of decades and I’m married, my wife is gorgeous, loving and fun but I still have a hidden world of self pleasuring, she kind-of knows what I get up to, as long as she’s satisfied and I look after her, she knows its my ‘private time’ and is happy to go along with it.

    My first Aneros arrived on the scene in 2015 when after much researching, reading blogs, forums and reviews I ordered the Helix Syn.
    When it arrived I couldn’t believe anything so small could lead to the mysterious ‘Super-O’ I had read so much about.
    I knew from the first few sessions this toy was different, in the early sessions my cock would feel bigger and harder the ever before, sessions would always end with Super-T. Occasionally I’d experience sensations beyond my normal range, tightening of my abs, shaking and pleasurable wave-like sensations.

    Sessions carried on like this for many years, I added a Progasm Jr, MGX Classic and Eupho Syn (I’ll do a breakdown of which I like best on a future blog). Progress was slow, although sessions were giving me immense pleasure but I knew I wasn’t quite there, no sign of the elusive Super-O, something was missing.

    So I mentioned earlier I was a bit kinky, unafraid to push the boundaries, a year or so ago I delved into the world of Sounding, basically gently inserting metal rods into your urethra (piss-hole, Japs eye, call it what you want!). Sounding isn’t for everyone but for me I love the sensation, its like being stimulated internally, its also the only way to directly simulate your prostate, a prostate orgasm whilst sounding is something else!

    It was during a trip to my local Kink store to browse for a new set of sounds that I purchase some poppers for the first time, I had no real inclination to what they did, as I said I’m happy to try most things once. I immediately loved the head-rush they gave plus the feeling of total and utter relaxation, it took no time to pop-open a bottle during a Aneros session, this for me was my break through moment, my epiphany. I experienced my first Super-O that day.

    Today I still on occasion use poppers but try not to rely on them, they can have nasty side effects so I’m not advocating their use, headaches and blurred vision are two common symptoms. Use them at your own risk.

    My Aneros collection has grown and the new additions are The Helix Trident, Eupo Trident, MGX Trident, Helix Syn Trident, Eupho Syn Trident and most recently the MGX Syn Trident. Quite the collection.

    I’ll post some of my recent entries to the forum here on my blog, they are probably belong here more than the ‘general discussion’ section.of the forum.

    Looking forward to sharing my sessions with you guys, hopefully helping you to enjoy your sessions as much as I do.

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