• From the Glans Penis to the Prostate

    Hi guys,
    I believe that most guys from their earliest years until they arrive into the adult years are very much focused upon their penises. I think that most guys experience in their earliest years the tactile pleasure the penis has for them. I know that was my own experience.
    For me, it was discovering the sensitivity of my glans penis for sure at age five when I began to have vivid memories of the sheer textures of pleasure that I could produce in touching, caressing, and even kneading my glans. Of course, when I entered puberty all this accelerated when I began experiencing irrepressible erections. It seemed that my throbbing, erect penis had a life of its own which produced electric pleasure when I touched him, stroked him. Of course, I honed my stroking and quickly arrived at serious masturbation.
    Of course, all this kind of pubescent exploration entered a new phase of excitement when I discovered my dad's jockstrap for the first time of eleven and even tried it on even though it was much too much for me. I realized instinctively that it was a quintessentially a male garment. About a year later, when I entered seventh grade PE, our gym coach told us boys that we had to purchase a jockstrap as part of our gym uniform.
    So on weekday afternoon after school that first week in September 1963, I went to the town drugstore to get my first jock. The pharmacist sized me up and got me a boy's jockstrap. When I tried it on at home shortly after, I got a huge throbbing boner in my jock pouch and a wet spot appeared on the pouch showing precum!
    Wow, my glans was flared and throbbing in that jock pouch and my cock ooze was showing. Plus my cock nd balls were full. I felt sexual energy emanating from my glans, moving down my cockshaft and ending up at the base of the root of my penis. That area certainly felt real good!
    That day it seemed that new and exciting worlds were opening for me in terms of sexual pleasure, although I didn't know at the time. So in the days and weeks following, I tried to recreate those feelings of pleasure! It seemed that as I progressed from mere caresses of my cock and glans, I progressed from more earnest stroking, to more determined masturbation. And it seemed that I was on the edge of something really exciting! Actually it was edging that I was practicing unknowingly.
    Finally it was one Saturday night in April when the dam burst for me. I happened at bedtime. I was playing with myself. It seemed that as I stroked and masturbated that it just got better and better. It seemed that I was getting into more unknown, yet thrilling territory of sexual experience. Finally a tidal wave of sexual pleasure swept over me, and I achieved my very first orgasm and ejaculation of semen out of the blue!
    Unfortunately my parents were Victorian in sexual matters. So I went to the town library and found a book on the facts of life for teenagers. That book gave me the basics of sexual anatomy of males and females, and how people make babies! In that book, I saw the anatomical term, prostate, and how that gland is essential for proper urinary and sexual function in males.
    Twenty to thirty years later when I entered middle age, like most guys, I had assembled a wealth of sexual knowledge, especially how my male equipment works. So it was all this experience and knowledge that I devised a theory called the Male Axis of Sexual Pleasure. When a guy masturbates or has sex, pleasure arises in his glans, travels down his cockshaft, and ends up in his prostate, even his testicles. So when he jacks off or f**ks, the flow of pleasure becomes a back and forth, even circular motion, similar to an electric circuit! Finally when he climaxes, his entire male sexual apparatus gets in the act. And certainly the prostate has a central role in his climax, his orgasm and ejaculation of semen!
    But I entitled this blog entry, From the Glans Penis to the Prostate. I still have penis consciousness, but in recent years much of it has shifted to my prostate. All I can say that I have done this and that this pathway of discovery has lead me to the Aneros!
    Take care.

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