• From Frustration to Exquisite Bliss

    So Thanksgiving had one negative effect. It made my digestive system very gassy. Therefore when I laid down to try and get some relief at 1am this morning I didnt realize the frustration my food choices would have put me through. For the next three hours every time I would get to the point of cascading into an dry orgasm or a Super-O….

    …I would let out a fart.

    Like every…single…time…

    I thought about rubbing one out. But now I am on day six of SR and this is the point where things just start to feel super sensitive. So I went to bed. 4 hours later I woke up to some butt buzz. I ignored it. Went in the bathroom and decided to get whatever was in me out at first. I initially had pulled out the NJoy Pure Wand to see if I could brute force this some but decided against it. Best decision ever. Within about 10 mins I found the wave and I rode that sucker to my first Super-O…

    …Lets pause here for some vital information. I have family staying with me and all of my bedrooms are next to each other. The AC vents carry any sounds throughout the house. So I literally had not make any noise outside of breathing hard. This was quite difficult seeing as I was about to have some of the most explosive super-Os including a 6 minute one and one that was over 10 mins and felt like it would go on forever.

    The energy I latched on this this session was to picture my prostate as an apple. And me taking bites out of it.This produced a second 6 minute Super-O…then like a 30 second pause that rolled into a 10+ minute Super-O. It felt soooo amazing…the entire time the pleasure was rising as my body was shaking I started to feel this super-O down in the bottom of my feet…my finger tips…at a point in between my eyes…it felt earth shattering. After this I had a break of 5 mins…then rolled into another super-O that last two mins…I was able to record this one and put it up with my other videos.

    I then gave my penis a few strokes. Placed it back in my underwear and went and made breakfast. The apple was filling enough though.


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      03/31/2019at5:44 pm

      are the videos available to view?

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