• Friday morning session before dawn, 8/12/16 *

    Hi guys,
    I only slept four hours last night waking up in the one o’clock hour this morning. In the hours following my mind was in overdrive about our current heatwave and whether I should stay home from church in the air conditioned comfort of my apartment. Finally at 4:30, I got up and prepped for an earlier than usual session.
    This morning I used in order the models: Eupho Syn, Helix Classic, Maximus, and Progasm Classic. They are some of my favorite models. Eupho Syn is great as a session opener. Its soft silicone enhances its subtlety which surprisingly intensifies the Aneros experience for me. It gives gentle, thin penetration in contrast to the direct, thin penetration of its Eupho Classic brother. Helix Classic gives an Aneroser an aggressive massage which delights even the experienced, seasoned user. I just love robust penetration of Maximus. The model is ideal for performing Kegels and Reverse Kegels as is even more big bruiser Progasm Classic. The stem of the Progasm series is thick, ideal for exercising and massaging a guy’s anal tract and musculature.
    My session lasted about 1.5 hours. Then I bathed, shaved, and dressed for the day a good twenty minutes before sunrise and an early breakfast following.
    My hole felt a little sore this morning, but delightful, much like a good fuck! Also Kegels feel so powerful and sweet as I type this blog entry!
    Tomorrow morning, Saturday, I hope to have a session to round out the week with Eupho Classic, MGX, Tempo, Progasm Classic.
    Take care!


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      08/12/2016at2:26 pm

      @bigglansDC, great way to start a day! Did you have a Super-O in your session?

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      08/12/2016at3:18 pm

      @GGringo, I have my best sessions first thing in the morning when I am refreshed. As regards a Super-O, I came really close because the sexual energy generated from my session was so intense!

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