• Friday morning session, 8/26/16, wild rides with MGX and Progasm Ivory!

    We here embarked yesterday on yet another heatwave which should break next Friday. Arrgh!
    I woke up early this morning and listened to some radio programs on my walkman radio. I listen to this small radio on very low volume without disturbing neighboring apartments. I was a wearing a BIKE no. 10 men’s medium jock and produced a cozy feeling by some some Kegels. Slowly a hankering for a Friday morning session developed.
    Since there was little worth listening on NPR news this morning. I had a session with Eupho Syn, MGX, and Progasm Ivory which lasted about an hour. It began at just before 5:30 a.m. with Eupho Syn with which I like to open a session. I like Eupho Syn’s delicate touch. I may have a more leisurely session early tomorrow evening and begin it with the more aggressive Eupho Classic.
    Then I went on to the MGX, and that’s where the real action began. Almost immediately, MGX engaged anal musculature in a tug-of-war which produced lots of pleasure which was magnified by the Kegels. That happened just after insertion on my right side. It all became even better when I rode MGX on my back. But first I had to reposition its P-tab slightly. The tug-of-war just got better and better! Finally I rode MGX with my knees next to my chest and my hands holding my legs. It was in this position that I did several aggressive sets of Kegels and Reverse Kegels of various strengths and durations. When I did all this, the pleasure and sexual energy it produced was really revved up and it seemed that blood was being pumped into my penis. In fact, I did get a rather plump, semi-erection which felt real good! It seemed that older Aneros Directions for Use were coming true in this session.
    I repeated this procedure in my ride with Progasm Ivory, and wow, what power and pleasure! I believe this morning I had one of my most beautiful Aneros sessions! I do not when a bona fide Super-O will happen, but I have opened up myself to whatever my sessions hold for me, including Super-O’s and MMO’s which may happen out of the blue!
    After my session this morning, I quickly cleaned up, then bathed, shaved, and dressed for the day. I got some breakfast from the 7 Eleven and returned here for a bating and edging session at 6:45. I have come to the conclusion just recently that performing concerted sets of Kegels is a good way to engage with Aless immediately after sessions. Performing Kegels during your bating and edging is both fun and powerful, enhancing greatly masturbation! My bating and edging lasted 1.5 hours this morning. I may have some more quality time with my penis later on today. Take care!


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      08/26/2016at2:32 pm

      @BigGlansDC, I need to increase my Kegel exercises during my edging sessions. I always found it uncomfortable as it distracts me but with practice, it might become more pleasurable. Thank you.

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      08/26/2016at3:27 pm

      @GGringo, the beauty of the Kegel Exercises is that you can perform sets of them or an occasional one anywhere and anyplace. Just concentrate on them with gentle rhythmic breathing. Then you can incorporate them in your Aneros sessions and bating and edging sessions! The Aneros and masturbating demonstrate the power found in the Kegels. Also the sets of muscles surrounding our prostates can be strengthened and toned through both the Aneros sessions and the Kegels. I am discovering this too in my masturbation and edging sessions! The penis is a muscle too! 🙂

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