• Friday 6/17/16, Feeling well "fucked" after morning session

    Hi guys,
    I feel well-fucked after my usual 1.5 hour session with Helix Classic, Maximus, Tempo, and Progasm Classic. I have never had that kind of sex with a gal or guy in my life. Although I am a confirmed bachelor at 67, I have enjoyed masturbation over the years, but my Aneros sessions lately have sent me into orbit.
    This morning with each of my models, I first used the “do nothing” technique letting my body take over. Once again, I let the pleasure build as I let each model work in its own way. Letting go and focusing my attention upon Aneros massaging upon my prostate and anal musculature magnified my pleasure. Then with each model, I used the same approach upon my back. The pleasure produced was sending me out of world. Finally with model, still on my back I drew my knees to my chest while performed concentrated Kegels and Reverse Kegels. Wow!
    I used same order of techniques and positions this Tempo. Normally I sit at my PC with Tempo inserted and Tempo just rhythmically work away. Tempo worked wonderfully this morning in a new way as described.
    Now I have Aless beyond comparative to be treasured for the rest of the day. I love getting fucked by my Aneros buddies! Take care!

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