• Friday 6.30am. SR Day 13

    I composed this blog whilst lying in bed this morning having “endured”, if that’s the right word, two hours of joyous feelings. It seems that my body has decided to take matters into it’s own hands to relieve the pressure if I refuse to use mine. Time and again I have felt that unmistakeable feeling that signals an imminent ejaculation, without any stimulation at all from me. Flacid member, throbbing erect member, lurid fantasies conjured up from nowhere, all combined with dry O”s and a constant flow of pre cum. Had I been using my Helix or Progasm Jr, I would have recorded this as one of my best sessions ever but, it is all taking place without. Just how I have been able to keep myself from caving in and finishing myself off I do not know. I just want the sensations to last. Well, a bit longer anyway.
    I know I am heading the blog with the number of days without ejaculating. However I did not set out with the intention of reaching any particular day. I have just done 21 days, prior the the new “count”, which I found much easier than this one. I thought it might be useful to record the day number and the level of horniness or arousal as the days pass. I am wondering if there is an optimum time for retention and the levels of arousal it brings. Maybe my arousal will recede slightly as I pass a certain stage. I am certainly hoping so as it is reaching a crisis point at the moment. I have a date with Madame Helix tonight, maybe she will soothe me. Somehow I doubt it.

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