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Electrosex and aneros

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I use the Aneros classic with a tens unit and conductive rubber loops, one behind my balls and one around the shaft of my cock. You can buy this from www.electrastim.co.uk and the combination was amazing. the rubber loops are less sensitive than the metal rings you usually get. so you could control the intensity. what they did was keep you in a state of semi erectness with a slow throb setting,hitting the nerves inside your shaft and depending how you positioned your cock, behind the ridge as well. Then by concentrating on my kegel muscles i got to a state close to that feeling I was going to cum for around 20 minutes. Its a different to usual but it was really intense because the pressure of the aneros made the whole area sensitive. I haven't had a big 'o' with this method yet but it provided a different sensation which was still pleasurable and when I ejaculated it had already been leaking out. My ejaculate was substantial and I felt empty inside which is nice. I just wonder if it distracts from the prostate orgasm and could be turned up as you go into the big 'o'. we'll see...

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Thanks for reporting on this new device.

I've been curious about this stuff in the past, but I've never considered spending that kinda cash on a toy...yet! Have you tried any of their probe inserts, something that affects the prostate?

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I'm working the less is more path at the moment - super O 1st then look at other stuff like this. It's interesting though so thanks for sharing.

You didn't say if there was any manual involved in the ejaculation or if that was entirely brought on by the rings or your Aneros?

I have wondered rather than buying one of those plugs if it might be possible to make an electrostim Aneros? I figured that careful use of aluminium adhesive tape, the kind you fix exhaust systems with might make the small conductive pads. Wiring up to the Tens is fairly trivial.

Just a thought I've been entertaining & I'd like to hear from anyone who tries but I do recomend caution!

Cheers 🙂

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I have an ErosTek ET-232 e-stim box (available from www.sextek.com) and have used it maybe 8 or 10 times... but I've yet to try it out with my Aneros. I use conductive rubber electrodes, one at the cock head and another either at the cock base, around the base/balls or a rubber pad on the perineum. I also use a homemade prostate electrode (made out of a cabinet knob and plastic tubing). Using the latter, the pulsing and contracting of the prostate can feel awesome. I've yet to ejaculate hands-free with any of this. Although the sensations are incredible, I just can't seem to get over the top. Actually it's kind of frustrating, so I don't do it a whole lot.

Funny thing is, I have the same issue with my Aneros. It can feel great, but I can't quite get there... although my goal with the Aneros is not ejaculation, but just a prostate or anal orgasm. Anyway, with the Aneros and some slight penile stimulation, I can easily ejaculate, so I figure combining the Aneros and the e-stim will easily do the job. I just haven't tried it out yet.

I like the idea of somehow electrifying the Aneros. Next time I get a chance, I'll see if I can attach some adhesive aluminum tape to it. I figure the best setup would be to put one electode on the end of the Aneros and the other to the perineum, since that's supposed to be a good spot too.

I stand in awe of those out there who can have a full-body orgasm just using their mind. That would be way cool. And I'm sure it's a much better experience than using something like the brute force of electro-stim. But for the unenlightened of us, we do what we can... always trying to build a better mouse trap, i.e., way of getting off.

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