• Foreskin Awareness Party Featuring Steely Friend Tempo

    Hi folks, especially hi Turnrow, Bro! Your post just interrupted another beginning gooning state upcoming when listening to „What A Difference A Day Makes“ performed by Rod Stewart, oh how right he is. I was leaning comfortably back on my couch and closing my eyes from time to time. Upcoming involuntaries tried to adapt themselves to the rhythm of the music and that meanwhile well known whole body arousal was starting too.

    Curious about any new messages in my Aneros forum inbox I besides had a glance at my tablet and found your post questioning about my latest edging session. Initially a little reluctant I yet took out my laptop to eventually write down my experience for you and to forestall the risk of forgetting any of the pleasureful details.

    Having to call upon the Urban Dictionary for your word „gooning“, I now must say, the top definition there describes best what I went through during my latest session. But let’s start from the beginning.

    Early Saturday morning my significant other left our home to meet one of her colleagues for a shopping tour, giving me a lot of undisturbed me time.

    I decided to try the multiple ridged band technique and have a long, long edging session. After my visit to the bathroom I lay down in my bed again – on my back. Wearing my Separatec boxers I could easily take out my member through the opening of the boxer’s extra pouch.

    Still quite flaccid. I pulled back my foreskin and before I even touched my penis with the other hand only the idea what would happen let enormous vibes spread throughout my whole body. Having freed my glans I gently put my left thumb on the height of the multiple ridged band below the ridge of my glans and my right forefinger at the same height near the frenulum. Now I closed my eyes. Awesome feelings came up. Waves of arousal crushed through my body, I never had thought possible without an erection and from nearly no stimulation. Although I did nothing else I got a hard on in no time. Due to it’s now full length I had to adjust my finger position on my shaft, but denied myself any further stimulation.

    When my member had been fully hard and pulsating for a while I slowly began to move my thumb horizontally, only sliding my skin, some millimeters – without any rubbing across the surface. It initiated an unbelievable pleasureful feeling in my inner penis, activated my gland and let blissful vibes spread out from there. (I am just listening to „Love wonders“ by Simply Red – they’ve put in music how it felt.)

    After some gentle massaging of my ridged band I tapped ever so slightly with the rest of my fingers of my right hand on my shaft stimulating my gland to answer with more powerful involuntaries thrusting my pelvis forward and feeling like ejaculating drily. From time to time I pushed my left thumb and my right forefinger horizontally in the respectively opposite position and back again. The feelings easily outperformed those from wildest fapping. And every third involuntary or so another big drop of precum appeared at the tip of my glans. Denying myself to touch my glans I endured patiently how slowly the drop oozed down to the ridge and finally touched my thumb. Only then I lifted my thumb to use that welcomed lube for continuing massaging my ridged band.

    As if to urge me to fetch any of my Aneros tools my prostate meddled in more and more. Finally I gave in and took a break to insert my steely friend Tempo with a good amount of aqua based lube. Back in bed it felt like someone had pushed the button for the Nitrous oxide injection system. My glans was already all wet, and a lot more of precum under my thumb intensified the feelings from my still ever so gentle massage, while I was hovering gooned out in that state of trance described in that definition I mentioned above. Alone at home I could even vocalize my feelings without any restraint. If our neighbours weren’t out of town they might have made an emergency call. It’s difficult to describe, something between charivari and howl of wolves.

    My penis went from hard to flaccid to hard to flaccid, my arousal grew and grew, my precum oozed and oozed, why I sticked to that gentle massaging of my ridged band. After what felt an eternity I decided to risk a little more pressure and speed to cause an ejaculation and have a happy ending of this awesome session. With nearly unbearable feelings of lust and ecstasy I initiated one of the most exciting and powerful ejaculations ever. A full dinner spoon of cum I shot on my belly and up to my chest wetting my t-shirt I had pulled up above my nipples.

    Ooohh, Bro, if that wasn’t awesome, what else? Two fingers resting on my shaft and ever so slightly massaging my multiple ridged band gave me an unbelievable orgasm, I admittedly failed to describe appropiately. It felt like an out of earth experience, almost unbelievable.

    In deep gratitude for this bliss I wish you all the best vibes and lustful experiences on your journey.


    • Avatar for Harper


      10/02/2018at11:18 am

      @SOwithoutAneros. OMG! What a write up, what more can I say? Except that thanks to you I have now moistened my second pair of boxer shorts this morning after a short edge before I arose.

    • Avatar for Turnrow


      10/02/2018at7:23 pm

      @SOwithoutAneros. What a time you had using all your knowledge of relaxing you learned on this site and utilizing it in multiple ridged bands play. Thanks for your explanation of a blissful state that made you an aneros and ALESS gooner.

      When I ran across gooning online, I instantly thought that aneros rewiring is a natural avenue to gooning.

      Your hour and a half session focusing on the pleasure is where I want to go. When I saw Callendars representation of cumming five times in three minutes, I tried his method out and came three times in three minutes. Callendar is young: I am an older guy and could not believe that the ridged bands when stimulated along with nipple play, could cause me to cum like that at my age.

      Now with your slow and protracted ridged bands play, we have another chapter to add to our edging experiences. Older guys with worn out wives love to edge to stay sexually active.

      Thanks for sharing your time and explaining what you did. New Chapters await for all of us with Callendars suggestions. He is dead right on in stating that the outer layer of skin of the foreskin is not erogenous. But pulling thatsucker back and playing with the mucousal inner shiny surface of the ridged bands stretched back away from the glans is DY NO MITE in pleasure for us uncut guys.

    • Avatar for SOwithoutAneros


      10/02/2018at11:43 pm

      @Harper and @Turnrow, thank you both for your nice replies. In marked contrast to “beating the meat” I find this slow and protracted multiple ridged band play so placid and nonviolent, watching the stream of precum oozing from my glans like peaceful waters flow gave me so much contentment and happiness to the utmost satisfaction that a certain song came to my mind. Cheers!

      And if the life that you’re leading
      Seems hollow, then maybe what you’re needing
      Is someone to turn your world around

      (Take my hand) Come take my hand and walk with me (And walk awhile)
      (Let me teach you how to smile) Let me teach you how to smile
      (And Ill show you skies ) And Ill show you skies where gentle breezes blow
      (Where breezes, gentle breezes blow) Yeah, hey

      And Ill take you where peaceful waters flow

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