• Foreplay, April 29, 2017 session : E = m^2 : Aless!

    Hi guys,
    The extended foreplay described in my last blog entry about the delights of my “dressed” cock and nipple diddling primed me for a most enjoyable session earlier this afternoon. I used in succession today MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic. I must say that my hip replacement surgery a few months ago has accentuated the erotic sensations of my Aneros models like those described above. Both Maximus and Progasm Classic affected me more directly now than they have before my fluke fall sustained on January 6 evening.
    The three models have reawakened erotic pleasures which I forgot awhile ago. Right now as I write this I am enjoying Aless. Also nipple stimulation engendered by diddling is closely allied with my prostate, anal musculature, and even with my cock! Take care.

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