• Forbidden Fantasy

    I am in Seattle visiting my daughter and son in law. They have a great place out here; it is a tri level modern house with four bedrooms, one of which has total privacy on the lower level. That is where I am sleeping. I am here without my wife as I came to California on business and this was a side trip as long as I was on the west coast. I have been here four days so far … I will leave at the end of the week.
    I have been spoiling them, cooking their favorite things and going out to eat. Yesterday my son in law who is a volunteer fireman had an evening meeting to go to at the firehouse and my daughter wanted to go to a book signing and lecture in Kenmore up on Lake Washington. I volunteered to go with her. The author was no one I was interested in; her books appeal to young and middle aged women. They are one step above chick lit. It was a really hot day yesterday, the first one we had since I came here.
    As we drove into the parking lot in front of the bookstore I noticed a green space across the street, it looked like a park. I decided that maybe I would go and cool off by sitting in the park under the shade trees while she was in the book event; the trees shaded the lake and obscured the view of it.
    We parked in the lot and my daughter went into the bookstore and I walked across the street to what I thought was a park. As it turned out the “park” was a club for member s only. It looked as it had a beach on the lake, a clubhouse and tennis courts.
    There was a guy checking cars that drove in; there was no way for me to walk in and gate crash. Undaunted, I walked up the sidewalk fronting the club’s fence looking for some way to access the lake. Approximately 50 yards up the road was a driveway from which a pickup truck was hauling a boat on a trailer; aha a boat launch I thought. I turned into the driveway and walked towards the water. As it turned out the boat launch was the clubs and it was unmonitored. It was also adjacent
    to the lawn and beach of the club.
    Nonchalantly, I walked across the driveway to the boat launch and sat on the lawn adjacent to the boat launch which happened to be 50 feet or so from the beach. I sat on the grass and enjoyed the cool breeze off the lake while I watched the boats sailing and motoring on the lake. However, the boats really were only cover for what my roving eyes were actually watching.
    On the beach were a dozen or more teenaged and college girls lying on beach blankets and mats. They were all friends; I suspect that they had been members of the club for a long time based on the enthusiastic conversation that flowed between them.
    As they all chatted a few of them would periodically break away and go into the water to cool off for a few minutes, only to return to the gaggle and rejoin the conversation.
    I must add at this point that in the pursuit of watching girls I have always tended to be a guy that looks at breasts and vulvas, the later in hopes of seeing a lush plump “camel toe”. However amongst this group the thing I noticed immediately were the extremely skimpy bikinis. It was if they all had entered a contest to find the tiniest coverage they could and show off what it didn’t cover. None of the girls were buxom, all of their tits were smallish to average size. However there were two in particular whose swim suits won the contest in my judgment. They both had adequate sized boobs, one girl was slightly larger than the other. However, the gift to my view was the fact that both girls tits were absolutely perfectly shaped with extremely prominent nipples and very little coverage. The triangular patches of fabric essentially covered their nipples, that was all.
    The triangular patches of thin fabric left these full young tits exposed on the sides and underneath and outlined their nipples clearly. The sight of them hardened my cock immediately. However what really caught my eye was the view when these two went down to the water together. It must have been the fact that this was a private club that emboldened these girls to expose themselves more than they would on a public beach, because the back of their swim suits consisted of a string that descended into the crease between the cheeks of their derrieres, exposing their asses completely. The bottoms of the suits were really not much more than a g string between their cheeks.
    As they walked away from the lawn, the view that they offered me was of their fully exposed naked asses. I use the word ass here mainly for shock value as these weren’t vulgar anatomical parts. What I drank in the sight of were two of the most beautiful, well formed and sexy young lady derrieres that I have ever seen. They were supple and muscular with the most perfect tawny smooth skin imaginable. I watched them jiggle ever so slightly as they walked down to the water. They must have been athletes as their thighs were equally muscular and strong.
    I was getting turned on in a big way. While I savored the sensual show they offered me, I felt horribly guilty. I had no way of knowing whether they were legal or not. As I get older and as girls are developing and dressing erotically at a younger and younger age it is getting increasingly more difficult to tell. The more aroused I got the more guilty I felt.
    As I reclined there on the lawn trying to be as subtly cool as possible I snuck glances at these two profoundly sexy and almost naked young women as they strolled into the water. My eyes were glued to their perfect ass cheeks, imagining the string rubbing on their anal openings as they walked and wondering if that friction aroused them at all. I imagined what their young tight pussies might look like and taste like. Lurid images of me with my face between their thighs servicing them with my tongue added to my arousal. As they sauntered to the water my eyes caressed every inch of their bodies, with special attention to their incredibly sexy rears. I never considered myself to be an ass watcher but at that moment seeing their flagrantly and unashamedly nude derrieres I became a confirmed one.
    Over the next hour and a half as I waited I watched them (thank god for sunglasses) and spun fantasies in my mind of what it would look like to have one of them straddling my hips naked in reverse cowgirl, with my erection nestled in the crease of their smooth soft derrieres and my cock head barely visible between their ass cheeks. I imagined the sensation of the soft and sensual skin of a sculpturally perfect feminine ass wrapped around my cock shaft holding it tightly, warming it as she squeezed me gently and rocked back and forth on my cock head tenderly coercing me to release my cream. I thought of the exquisite sensation of sweet sexy skin forcing my cream to spew softly into her crack. Waves of guilt washed over me again.
    The fantasy image of having one of them sitting on my cock as the other let me suck her hardened nipples turned my already hard cock from an oaken branch to heavy throbbing granite. The opportunity to view young blossoming womanhood exposed and flaunted in unabashed abandon was almost more than I could bear. The sweet torture made my cock ache, throb and drool. Fortunately for me my shirt was long enough to cover the bulge in my crotch and the growing wet spot at its perimeter.
    After an hour and a half of exquisite viewing my daughter rang my cell phone to tell me the lecture / signing was over. Reluctantly I left my bevy of sensually erotic young things to return to the parking lot and the ride home.
    I had a wonderful chat with my daughter as we stopped for ice cream on the way home. For a while I forgot about the sexy show that I was given an hour or two earlier.
    When we got home at 11 pm we were both tired, my son in law was already in the living room watching tv and waiting for us. Goodnights were swift and of few words. I jumped into the shower as I like to go to bed clean and naked. My bed room is two levels from theirs so I have complete privacy. I closed my door and turned down the bed. I had brought a single sheet with me to protect the hotel sheets in San Francisco last week and my kids sheets from my profuse precum flow during mmo sessions. I put the protective sheet on the bed. I pulled my peridise from the kit in the suitcase near my bed and placed it on the table next to the bed. I then took a lubed condom from my toiletry kit opened the package and unrolled it. I then took a tube of astro glide lube and squeezed a teaspoon of gel lube into the condom. I then dropped the peridise into the condom so that the tip of the peridise was sitting in the pool of lube in the reservoir tip of the condom.
    Then squeezing all the air from the condom by flattening it out, I tied a knot in the opening of the condom, trapping all the lube and the peridise inside. This allows me to insert the peridise in my anus cleanly and neatly and not have any lube excape. By using this system the performance of the aneros is enhanced (the inside of the condom is super slippery), none of the lube gets in my system, the lube stays all night (I don’t lose any) and there is no leakage onto the sheets.
    I lay on my back and brought my knees up to my chest and found my anal opening with my left hand middle finger. My anus twitched in response to the touch of my own finger. I then picked up the condom encased peridise and lodged the tip in my anal opening next to my finger. Because of the small size of the peridise and pre lubrication of the condom it slid into me very easily. The peridise was inserted so that the T handle was outside my anal opening but the devise itself was fully inside me. The pigtail knotted end of the condom hung out of my anus like a kite tail; indeed the image stuck in my mind as I envisioned floating in a breeze of orgasms.
    The sensation of initial insertion in my anus was akin to the feeling of the gag reflex in my throat. Only the sensation of penetration, the subsequent twitching / heaving feeling in my anus, the feeling of something inside of me filling me and the tingling of penetration all combined to impart a very pleasantly intrusive feeling.
    Laying my legs down I rolled over onto my side and stretched my semi erect cock out, pressing the cleft on the underside of my cockhead on the mattress. The sensation of wanting to squeeze the peridise or contract my rectal muscles was over powering.
    Instead of responding to it however, I tried to ignore the tingling feeling in my rectum and relax. Fortunately, I was very tired from the extremely long day. In no time I was asleep. My dreams were highly erotic, I drifted in and out of scenes of me being naked and intimate with people in my life who would be totally inappropriate to have sexual relations with; most of my partners were young women I knew.
    At 3:30 am I awoke with a prodigious erection. It was hard and throbbing, I could feel the pulse deep in anus where the peridise was stimulating a reverse peristaltic reaction that made my anus suck on the devise and release it like a child sucking on a lollipop. Each sucking spasm elicited a sweetly pleasant sensation that rippled up my anal tract.
    I began to breathe deeply, filling my chest with air sucking it all in and slowly releasing it. By the fifth or six inhale the spasms began to intensify as the pleasure increased. My anus responded by establishing a series of involuntary rhythmic convulsive contractions that made the peridise slide in and out of my anal opening, involuntarily fucking me with relentless persistence. The sensation was so pleasurable it almost took my breath away, but I needed to ignore the immobilizing pleasure and keep breathing. I shifted to shorter cleansing breaths inhaled and exhaled in quick succession.
    The first five quick breaths quickly amplified the sensations of exquisite pleasure that was building in my anal tract. But as I continued them I felt the pleasurable sensation abating. I have discovered that it is possible to “outbreathe” anally induced sensations of pleasure. In essence, over breathing dampens the sensation of building ecstasy by getting out ahead of the pleasure.
    However I have also learned that if I keep my breathing pattern going even though the sensations of pleasure are dwindling, I will reconnect with the pleasure as I keep breathing. So as the sensations of bliss ebbed I kept breathing in short bursts.
    After 4 or 5 short breaths the sensation of pending ecstasy returned. My anus was opening and closing, flexing and convulsing sending waves of pure pleasure up my anal tract. I continued the breathing and brought my left middle finger up to my chest. I turned my upper torso off of the mattress and put my finger up to my left (erected) nipple, touching it ever so delicately. The pleasure spasms in my anal tract intensified and my anus froze in an open condition like a baby bird begging for foods and then clamping shut as each wave of ecstasy flowed into it. Over and over my anus was sucking the peridise in and out of my rectum and coaxing profoundly ecstatic sensation into my anal tract. I
    I struggled to sustain my breathing, riding from crests of tense desperate bliss deep in my anus to valleys of no sensation at all, only to rise to pinnacles of pleasure over and over again. Each resumed pinnacle was more pleasurable than the one that preceded it. The growing ecstasy threatened to make my breath catch in my chest, but I persevered and continued my regimented breathing.
    I was pushing the orgasmic spasms to heights I had never experienced before. Then in my orgasmic delirium, I recalled the image of the young girls on the beach earlier in the day. I envisioned demurely sliding down a skimpy bathing suit bottom and caressing a soft smooth derriere. As I caress her hips she slid her anus to my mouth to indulge me and allow me to kiss and tongue her tight tender rosebud. I then envisioned welcoming that sexy girl into my bed, with both of us naked I imagined what it would feel like to spoon her and lodge my large hardened cockhead against the hot delicate anal opening I was just kissing and licking. The effect of her squeezing my cock created in my mind the sensation of having her anus “kiss” my cockhead. That image turbocharged my orgasmic spasm and made the peridise fuck me rapid fire.
    Despite the agonizing pleasure that was twisting my anal tract I persisted my breathing tempting the orgasm to expand even more and flood my pelvis and make me lose control. I feared that I might actually cum in the bed. I continued my breathing, toggling my nipples and playing out various lurid and embarrassing fantasies with young girls in my mind. As I descended deeper and deeper into darkly erotic lewd intimacy with this sweet sexy young thing, the chains of orgasms began to evolve and change.
    Slowly the exquisitely anguishing pleasure spasms in my anal tract were dampened. As I breathed into the spasms, slowly my anal spasms stopped. The desperate agony of orgasm then disappeared for a moment. Conscious of the impact of my breathing on the waves of ecstasy that I had been feeling in my anus, I continued my breathing knowing that I was pushing the pleasure to the limits of my ability to cope with it.
    Then as the waves of ecstatic bliss reached a shrill anguished crescendo, they grasped my ball sac, my perineum just behind my ball sac, the root of my cock, my cock shaft and my hardened prostate deep inside me and squeezed them all hard. The sensation was of trembling aching rapture punctuated by pulsing / pumping contractions of my cock and prostate became a shrill whine in my head. As each spasm made my cock lurch and twitch, my prostate responded with a contractive shudder that echoed the tortuously exquisite agony that was tugging on my balls and cock and rubbing the sensitive underside of my cock against the sheets underneath me. As my anus stilled in wonderment at the white hot pumping pleasure that was milking my cock, a stream of precum began to leak from my cock wetting the sheet underneath me.
    I turned on my side freeing my cock from the mattress and altered my breathing to a syncopated pattern that underscored the pumping bliss that was sucking my now unsupported cock as it hung from my groin and jerked back and forth in machine gun like rapid fire. Each dozen lurches of my cock forced a large fat drop of clear pre cum to drool from my cock slit. As I continued the imagery, the nipple stim and the breathing I sustained a level of excruciating pleasure that made my legs tremble and my nipples ache. The intensity of the pleasure became almost unbearable. The agonizing ecstasy held me suspended in anguished rapture.
    I lost tract of the time but I suddenly realized the room was lightening. Looking at my watch I realized I had sustained the orgasmic rapture for almost three hours. I had indeed made a large wet spot on my sheet, which fortunately because I had folded it to 4 layers prevented my precum from soaking the bed.
    When I finally came down from orgasmic nirvana, my cock was still twitching and my prostate was still pumping prostatic fluid and precum. It took 5 minutes for all my sex organs to cool down and stop their pleasurable pumping. Without a doubt it was the most ecstatic session I ever experienced.
    Reflecting back on it now, I realize that it was the outrageous fantasy, the breathing and the control of muscles that hurled me into the stratosphere of rapture. I continue to learn new techniques and tricks. However the embarrassing inappropriateness of the fantasy seemed to trump all the other stimuli. Those girls at the lake had a profound impact on my evening and my lack of sleep.

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