• For olds times sake…

    I'd turned so much into a Progasm slut, it was time for something different so I broke out the Helix for old times sake.
    What a great change of pace! Felt like nothing was in my ass, just this magical pressure on my prostate. The session was sublime; a nice slow pleasurable build-up from deep inside to a long sustained series of Super-Os.
    I also found this switch back has helped get me further down the "Less" road. It got me away from the immediacy and overwhelming nature of the Progasm, and back to focus on the feeling. Have had some nice small dry O's during "Less" sessions now, not at the level of Aneros sessions, but a lot more then I'd been able to muster. What a great feeling to experience the true power of mind over muscle!
    Here's to diversity!

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