• Fish oil fancies

    While (probably) nothing to do with fish oil, one side note from my recent Progasm session, was that the big girl went in the easiest she's ever gone – only took about 5 minutes! In addition, my second anal (inner) ring is the one that gets sore from Progasm use – this time, I had no complaints after two hours.
    So last night, after I went to bed, I gave the Male Deer a whirl to check on my Progasm 'After-Shock' theory and Vwalah! Aneros-less involuntaries again! Not as strong as the early January session, but I may be climbing back up the plateau instead of sliding off it.
    Without the Aneros, there is a nice feeling sensation that is very consistant (not waves) that the Male Deer massage brings out centered over the prostate or the pelvic ridge as it were. Yet, seemingly very elusive. But when I get it, I push down on the prostate with the pelvic floor muscles (like doing a stomach crunch). Then I usually abandon the Male Deer (why bother with success, right?) and grab/pinch (comfortably) the skin over the pelvic bone just north of the penis base and well south of the belly button. This exerts the kind of gentle external pressure on the little walnut that it tells me it really craves. Thus locked into place by muscle and thumbs I start a couple of little contractions until the involuntaries echo back at me. Then I try to build them… after 20 minutes, they fizzled out.
    Back in January, this cycled up and down for 1 1/2 hours without the Aneros and after my first Progasm session. I honestly thought at that point that it would be a short sprint to Dry-O's and that it would be race whether I did it with Aneros or Without.
    One of the problems with the Progasm is that after two hours of arousal building it’s the toughest model for me to not give in to a manual send off. That's were us grinders get into big trouble (my opinion) because the more established your pleasure feedback circuitry is the tougher it is to separate orgasm and ejaculation – We are mixing solo sessions with couple sessions with regular sex. No wonder my little walnut doesn't know which way to spit.
    So all this led me to thinking that there out to be a “Grinder Profile” for those of us that are dedicated voyagers whose journey looks like the way the stock market graph used to look: A bunch of incremental up and down zigs and zags that generally trends up.
    These are my thoughts on additions to the milestone:
    Right after the first Milestone, “First Insertion”, it should say:
    • OK, no super-O. Recalibrated expectations and started the real journey.
    It also seems to me, that Aneros use has a couple of multifaceted integration points into ones life. At what point do you think the milestone for:
    • I told my significant other about my Aneros use.
    • Successful integration of Aneros use into sexual encounters with my partner.
    • Extraordinary results combining Aneros use during couple play.
    Or simply:
    • I have accepted the role the Aneros can play in my relationships.
    Should be?
    What about grinder milestones for:
    • Have a routine for lube, hygiene, lube insertion and feel comfortable with the whole session process.
    • Have the ability to block out 2 or 3 (or more) one to two hour blocks (or more) to have sessions on a weekly basis.
    • The Aneros really has my interest – Joined the forum as an active member.
    • Been around long enough to purchase a second Aneros because one just doesn’t fit all my needs.
    • Been around long enough to purchase a Progasm because it just sounds to cool not to try.
    • I had my first embarrassing “walking around naked in the high school gym locker room with my Aneros hanging out” dream. (Honest, knocked that one off after only a couple months!)
    Oh well, Slipperybugger got me thinking,
    Good Sessions to All!

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      03/08/2009at8:17 pm

      Man I love your your grinder milestones!

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