• First time Peridise user

    While I did try to original Aneros about 20 years ago, I hadn’t used and wasn’t interested sexually in my backside for many years (blame ongoing hemorrhoids). In recent years I’ve gotten back into light anal stimulation and prostate play. I’m married, but bisexual with several close bimarried friends who have expanded my horizons or pleasures.
    With Covid lockdown I haven’t played all year and needless to say quite horny and was online chatting with similar bimarried guy. He was telling me about his Aneros collection and all the P Orgasms he enjoys. He then told me about the Peridise model when I mentioned my hemorrhoids had recently come back. After reading on here I decided to get the beginner set which arrived 4 days ago. In the week I was waiting for them, I started back with kegels and trying to really focus on anal and prostate sensations.
    Once my Peridise arrived, I quickly had to try the larger one. What I like is that I can insert and put my boxer briefs and jeans back on and work from my home office. After several hours my calls were over and I lean d back in my chair for 30 minutes. I explored the feeling, first doing some kegels, then letting the Peridise move with involuntary movements in my anal cavity. I had several mini-Os with the first session and the second similar session the next day. Nothing big, but really nice waves of pleasure for several minutes each time, spreading from the opening of my anus into the cavity and up to my prostate.
    I’ve also tried while stationary cycling since my saddle has cutout in the middle and back. Once again, mild miniOs waves, very enjoyable, but nothing huge.
    Last night, I decided to leave the smaller Peridise in all night (9 hours). I did wake up several times with warm pleasurable sensations in my prostate and anal area. No, I didn’t wake up having orgasms or my body thrashing around the bed, but each time I woke up, I did several kegels which then caused involuntary movement in my ass and mini waves of pleasure, from my anal opening up inside until those waves reached my prostate. Several times I though maybe I’d go into bigger orgasms, but that didn’t happen. My nipples have always been wired to my penis and balls, so I’ve always engaged them in sex, from solo masturbation to active sessions with partners. But I’m just several days with Peridise. My nipples are getting hard without touching them, but just from the Peridise induced stimulation. If possible, my nipples are even more sensitive now, and had to be more gentle in fingering them. But now my nipples are already required to my prostate and playing with them makes my prostate swell and throb! I never had a big orgasm last night, but probably had 5-6 times I woke up and had those mini waves of pleasure. I’ll try again tonight and see if things go further.

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