• First Time

    I will briefly describe my first experience with a prostate massager for the benefit of those who may be apprehensive or curious about the experience.

    I used the Helix Syn V for my first session. I cleaned myself in the critical areas, washed the massager with hand soap and water, and lubed it with generous water based lubricant. I am dead set against silicone or any other type than water based.

    I attempted to insert the massager but it was unwilling as I applied gentle pressure to see if my rectum would accept it. I pulled it out for more lubrication and it went a little bit farther. Still resistant, I pulled it out again for a 3d round of lube and it readily installed.

    I laid on my back while doing the insertion and continued to lay on the bed to observe the sensations. There was no pain inserting the massager and I really didn’t feel too much from it once it was inserted. So I turned on the vibrator which felt pleasant.

    Almost from the beginning, various parts of my sphincter, rectum, and related muscles involuntarily twitched, contracted, or spasmed. These tremors waxed and waned. I let it continue for 30-45 minutes. At no time did I do voluntary contractions.

    Due to famishment from my gym workout, I terminated the session somewhat sooner than I would have liked, as the hunger was too distracting.

    I will probably do another session this weekend (today is Wednesday) but want to see if there is any delayed onset pain or discomfort before trying sooner.

    The session proceeded uneventfully without any adverse events or issues. To be continued.

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