• First Thoughts

    I'm starting this blog to help record my experiences for the community and for myself, because this is likely the only way I'll be able to remember if I start getting hazy on them later on. Ever since my first purchase arrived I've been mentally distracted, so this blog might be a good idea for me.
    I'd been considering buying something like an Aneros toy for a few months because, at the time, I didn't know much about prostate stimulation, but was sufficiently curious. After much window-shopping, I seen a deal for the complete peridise set that I could live with and put in the order. Used the common ground delivery for shipment and ordered it on Thurs. 5/30, so I expected it to be a while before it arrived. To explain my choice, one of the selling points of the peridise was the ability to help manage hemorrhoids, and that's something I'm concerned with after one too many running-late-for-something power-poops. Mine are only minor but I've been taking care since their intro into my life. So I figured, help those + potential pleasure = win win.
    Friday I checked the tracking info from the seller and was surprised to see the package was already in transit to a mail hub in my state. It was at this time I first became aware of this forum and these blogs when I began seeking info and tips from other users so I might know what first steps to take for best results. Seems like the peridise toys aren't talked about as much as the other stimulators, but in the course of search I started to read and learn things that helped me get a handle on what exactly I had bought into with the aneros products. Got to a post talking about the different muscle contractions and how to separate with varying degrees of force. Now, evidently, I've been working on these muscle groups for a long time when I've masturbated in the traditional way, esp. edging, because I found it pretty easy to identify and manage the muscle contractions. So easy, in fact, sitting in my desk chair while doing these first exercises produced peristaltic reflex and lots of very pleasurable feelings. Hard to believe that I've made it this far in life without knowing I have this ability to make myself feel so good without any real external stimulation! My mind was kinda spinning at this new knowledge when I had to get on to bed Fri. night.
    Saturday morning I checked the tracking status on my package again and found I should get it sometime during the day. Between that anticipation and my newly learned skill at generating pleasure within myself, I stayed in a heightened state of arousal throughout my work shift. Luckily, it was the kind of day where I could afford to be a little spacey, and casual dress so my arousal was not noticeable. I knew I was going to be spending the rest of the day and evening reading forum posts and exploring myself, and my new purchase too when it arrived, when I got home again, and those thoughts made my work shift go by pretty fast. It was so nice to find the aneros package waiting when I went to look for it, and I eagerly was looking forwsrd to what was to come.
    Enough for now, getting late/early,
    Next blog: First impressions with peridise.

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