• First super O

    Up till yesterday, I was managing dry o/mini os that would come and go and sometimes chain almost consecutively.

    The 2 days prior to this I had sessions that were so pleasurable I didn’t feel the need to ejaculate like I usually do at the end of every Aneros session, I was more than satisfied. So technically at this point I was on day 2 of semen retention which is 1 day longer than my record for years haha.

    Last night was different, I was entering new territory. What started out as a typical dry orgasm which spread across the whole body didn’t stop after the usual few seconds but kept getting stronger. It didn’t break or chain into another O, it was a single orgasm that kept going. If a regular ejaculatory orgasm was on a scale of 1, this would be a 1 that grew into a 2 and 3 then 4. It lasted as long as 4 orgasms too.

    My body was super receptive and every part of my body felt so aroused. My hands circled from my chest down the sides of my belly and outer thighs but when they caressed the inner thighs, I felt a jolt of pleasure in the pc muscles and prostate. It was automatic and instant. I tried repeating the process like another 7 times and it worked everytime. This never happened before! I was so in tuned and content with my body.

    The orgasm did not involve thrashing or flopping uncontrollably around the bed, but was mostly lower ab and pc muscle contractions with the orgasm being felt everywhere.


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      12/17/2018at9:19 pm


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