• First Super-O !

    Had my first bona–fide Super–O last night! Felt warm floating feeling wash over my body and then started shaking all over and had orgasmic release.
    Previously, I'd done a session with as much non–aneros prostate stim as I could muster the evening before, with no results. Felt I just wasn't getting enough prostate stim to do the trick. I may have done some corona stim which resulted in a regular orgasm, which really frustrated me. Also, I've typically been rubbing the base of my penis to get aroused.
    So the next evening I figured I'd focus on the prostate itself, and I used the helix out. I almost hate to because of the prep and cleanup work. But, BIG improvement in prostate stim. It must have been all the practicing I'd been doing with K–contractions )not sure if these are kegels, but it's the muscle that stops urine flow( and other stuff, but this time the helix REALLY felt stimulating and pleasurable. Previously, it felt THERE, but not really pleasurable. Must have finally activated stimulation directly to the prostate.
    So spent maybe 20–30 minutes of k–contractions, moving my hips around and abdomen touching, nipple stim, and felt stimulation in the prostate area steadily getting stronger. Really took the full 20–30 min of warm up time I think.
    So I just kept doing the same stuff after the warm up period, and tried to focus on relaxing while doing the movements, and just TO ENJOY whatever I was doing instead of focusing on some goal. THAT REMAINS BY FAR THE HARDEST PART. Harder than relaxing, because at least with relaxing, there's a discernable pleasure in the release.
    So maybe after 45 min, nothing I could see was happening, and in desperation, I started corona stim again, and I could see it was leading to a regular orgasm, but I kept trying to back off and re–double the hip movements and deep abdomen muscle contractions to re–focus on the prostate pleasure.
    It seemed to be working. The regular orgasm pressures from the corona stim subsided, and I got to a cool–down phase, where the corona stim was just there and not pushing me to regular orgasm. Eventually, I really just focused on the p–stim while continuing the corona stim, and felt what I thought was a dry–O coming on. Figured I'd let it go and have a Dry–O as I had once or twice before in this situation. I also focused on extending my lower abdominal muscle and staccato breathing to get the aneros moving quickly. It was working. I felt in my prostate what I can only express as a visual symbol like a "target" with a center point of stim and a secondary ring of stim points circled around it, and I felt the orgasm coming and I let it. Unfortunately, I ejaculated instead of having a Dry–O, but it was a good feeling, and very pleasurable.
    I was a little frustrated, since I thought I'd worked around ejaculating, but figured that target shape of prostate pleasure should be investigated. So I just continued the ab muscle extensions and staccato breathing and slow hip movements, and the target symbol pleasure point feeling came back, then all of a sudden, I felt my body getting all warm and like I was just starting to float, and a second or two later, my whole body was shaking and rattling. And was a great feeling and every bit made up for the ejaculation earlier.
    So now I've got my second merit badge !! )first being Dry–Os(
    My goals remaining are to 1( Learn to JUST ENJOY WHATEVER HAPPEN!!!, 2( To do this without corona stim or penis stim, and finally 3( to get there without the aneros…
    I think I have a lot of work to do, not the least of which is to JUST ENJOY WHATEVER COMES )pun intended…:–(
    Seems like the keys this time were:
    1( Doing the )kegle? k–contractions. The muscle that stops urination( muscle contractions like 60 times over the warm–up period which takes like 30 minutes at the start. Just straight k contractions initial, but then continuing to do them interspersed between and with whatever else I'm doing. Seems the k–contractions really excite the prostate.
    2( Extending the lower abdomen muscle that you push down when you're taking a deep abdominal breath. You have to extend this muscle to draw the lung bottoms down into the abdomen. Well, turns out that you can extend just this muscle independently, and it does something to really stim the prostate.
    You can just extent the muscle sometimes, but what you really need to do, and this takes practice, is to combine staccato breathing while extending and releasing it. This makes it the muscle quiver and that probably makes the prostate quiver??. Anyway THAT really massages the prostate and stimulates it in a very pleasurable way. I was able to shake the muscle manually, but seems the breathing method was better. )MAYBE it's possible to overload the muscle into quivering too, don't know… ( Someone said doing the staccato breathing is almost like you were sobbing, where the breathing during sobbing is staccato.
    Of course, it took me lots of time to recognize these pleasure feelings and get accustomed to the fact that they were pleasurable.
    1( REALLY NEED TO RELAX during this. Ie, I DON'T WANT to tense up the muscles all the time. Gripping the muscles really shuts down the pleasurable feelings somehow. NEED to PRACTICE releasing it and feeling what that's like to be relaxed, and trying to keep that relaxed state as much as possible.
    4( Moving the hips around forward/back, left/right, rotating them. Moved the aneros around inside and really adds to the pleasure and prostate stim.
    5( Also to pull, gently squeeze, and feather touch the nipples during parts of this. Don't have to constantly do it, but every once in a while, just keeps things going. Also, feather touching almost anywhere and all over the front of my abdomen and thighs and butt, etc really added a kick of overall pleasure.
    6( Finally, Feather touching/pressing a spot on my abdomen only about 1 inch above the base of my penis really helped magnify aneros movements. It felt like this location is directly connected to the prostate, like the p–spot area does to massaging the upper rim of my anus. Anyway, pressing there magnified whatever I did with the aneros and hip movements. I think this raised the overall whole–body stim state.

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      07/14/2015at6:39 pm

      Sounds good, can you,describe the k contractions in more detail? Do you do these like holds of a contraction for a period of time? Or rapid movements quickly? Or maybe hold and release, hold and real ease and repeat….?

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