• First session

    delayed shipping arrival didnt set the mood but was able to shift back into the mindset, however, I knew I only had a couple of hours- a big non-no when my expectations were moderately high- another no-no.
    All three were smaller than expected and as I remember from a few years back- and I think I wrongly assumed bigger would be better with someone who has prostate experience.
    Some nice audio porn from Soundcloud, set the lighting and into the afternoon trying all three in numerous positions while watching various porn.
    Lots of close-calls but time constraints and other small distractions kept me from the ledge. Definite on left side with hip thrusting/contracting and kneeling on bed with thrusting too )careful of the penile contact with the towel(. Also on the back with legs extended.
    I did learn that the eupho gave the most movement and that I felt was the key. Also I think porn may be a distraction since you tend to switch it up breaking concentration.
    Ran out of time and finished with an extended Super-T. Will lower my expectations and try again tonight.
    The journey is fun!

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