• First moment, first aneros experience, first time.

    Aneros session number 1; Friday 9th March 2018
    Received my aneros package of a Helix Syn, and a Vice earlier in the week (Monday I think) but I had read that some guys vocalise involuntarily and didn’t want to embarrass myself and get caught, I didn’t see any alone time during the week until Saturday so I wasn’t planning to ride on Friday, I was just caught off guard by people leaving the house unexpectedly, saw my opportunity and used my Helix Syn for the first time. I laid down on the floor, flat on my back. Knees bent to maybe 80°with my feet flat on the floor. I started doing kegels, very deliberately and actively contracting my PC muscles, instead of the relax and do nothing method, within ten minutes I had an incredible hands free wet orgasm, which I read is actually rare and very sought after, I will say, the only difference between it and a normal orgasm for me is very subtle. I did however ride the “just gone over the edge” pleasurable warmth that comes right before the inevitable throbbing and pulsing as I cum. It felt like several (maybe 5-10) seconds instead of the brief “oh fuck yeah” moment. The biggest difference was mentally, I really EXPERIENCED that wave of pleasure rather than just “felt” it. It was tangible. I almost felt like I was swimming in it. That and my arm wasn’t sore haha. Plus after I came, I guess habit took over and I thought my session was over. I had felt energised but I wasn’t horny, or at least I thought I wasn’t, I did get a raging hard on with a feeling of energy again that would not be sated, around 15 minutes after my HFWO, in combination with pleasurable “morning stretch”/butterflies sensations in my rectum (some have informed me that this may be P-Waves). So I decided to crack a wank out. Nothing special to report with the wank.
    Quite the first impression, Aneros. Definitely coming back for more, Will update with new experiences as they cum.

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      03/10/2018at2:27 pm

      Congratulations on your achievement! It only gets better from this moment on.
      Good vibes to you and thanks for sharing.

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