• First involuntary twitches during a Dry-O

    Last night tried to have an Aless session and nothing worked. Dud.
    This morning, was just feeling up my penis like I often like to do )enjoy feeling the shapes and different skin types, folds of skin, etc(, and noticed a pwave! So figured I oughta check it out.
    Rubbed & tickled the outside edge of the glans for a minute and went into a mild penis dry–O, so figured the power's on! So enjoyed that one for maybe 5 min, then had 4 – 5 more really intense ones over 45 minutes. Testicals started turtling if I rubbed my frenulum or front of the glans )which for me always leads to ejaculation )or blue balls ARGH( (, but not if I only played with the left and right edges and top of the glans.
    These Orgasms started with a strong PC contraction and pulling in of my groin, then thrust out with solid erection, then slow moving grinding/thrusting in/out, rolling side to side, etc. No semen, but drop or two of pre–lube with each orgasm or each major grind. My testicals weren't turtling up either.
    Was really satisfying and pleasurable. Didn't need to stimulate my pee–hole this time to cause them, but the times I did, that would set off another round. During one of these, I spent like 5 minutes solid with a hard erection, just slowly moving my groin in and out with several drops of pre–lube coming out of the tip.
    Kept it up Until my groin muscles started feeling fatigued.
    So waited several minutes to rest everything. Noticed after each minute, a different set of muscles seemed to relax, and each time, there was a small pwave or muscle spasm. Finally, everything stopped and got calm.
    So I tried some nipple stimulation again, and went right into a medium anal Dry–O for a couple minutes. was nice!
    Wondered what would happen if I waited a full 5 minutes of cool–down, so did that.
    After that, Started the nipple stim again, and went right into a full blown prostate dry–O. And after a minute, some muscles in my abdomen or groin )? Was too shocked to pinpoint 'em( started involuntarily twitching, and it kept me in the orgasm for another minute or so. Only went on for a couple minutes, and it was maybe a medium intensity, but first time I had any kind of involuntary muscles with an orgasm!!!
    Just stood out to me that the penis dry–Os, anal DOs, and prostate DOs all felt so different, yet the same. Just like a kid – surprised and enjoying it all.
    Really enjoy the strong contraction slow thrust type orgasms though. !!

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      10/04/2015at10:08 pm

      Great post bro.
      Thanks for sharing in so much detail. You are proving that the ecstacy of the rewiring does not have to divorce itself from our dicks and be confined only to prostate stimulation by a toy.
      We men never get over our boyhood fascination with our dicks………you have taken yours to a new level with the rewiring.
      I am on your trail.
      Keep posting bro.

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