• First impressions on the MGX Trident

    I received my new package at the beginning of the week and it included; MGX Trident, Helix Trident, Marksman Capsules and Sessions Lube. I’ll start of by saying that I think I prefer the helix shape over the MGX, but that being said, the k tab exclusive to the trident series, made it feel more agile and anchored. There was some slight discomfort in the beginning of the session but there were a lot of variables in this session so the discomfort I experienced in the beginning could be any number of things; I started my aneros journey about a month ago with a helix syn, and I usually ride with that model, using a marksman capsule to internally lubricate and I usually put a pre lubed condom on the device before insertion. With this session I did not use a pre lubed condom, plus I used the sessions lube for the first time. So it could be the new material of the device, it could be the new ribbed area on the MGX, it could be the lube, it could be the lack of condom. So I’m not gonna claim that this was a definite no on the MGX Trident, as it did feel very nice after the initial discomfort settled, even picked up some nice feelings dare I say quicker than my helix syn, but not quite as intense as with the helix syn. I think as a control test I’m going to try it with all of those variables before I make my conclusion. I dont think it really hits the “spot” for me though, at least not as much as the helix, so my next ride will likely be with the Helix Trident. I will follow up in a couple days with that endevour.

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