• First Day

    Read about this site before and filed it away in the back of my mind. Then stumbled on it again this week and really studied it. The forums and Blogs caught my attention the most. My thinking was that if so many Men felt so strongly about this product that they would post to a public forum, well there must be some truth to it.
    The girlfriend and I have played with prostate massage in the past (a year ago) and I can remember thinking to myself "No human being can feel this good. We were never made to feel this good." I Saw colors and lost total track of where my arms and legs were in relation to the rest of me. Lost my hearing while it was happening too. An overwhelming human experience. The down side, She has had an arm injury in the past with some nerve damage and could not keep it up. It was tiring for her and I could see that I could want this several times a week and for hours. I would not ask her for that. Amazing woman though she would try in a heartbeat for me. So I filed that experience away as possible special thing to ask for on my birthday. Nothing more.
    Then I studied this site. I got some hope, what if based on my past experience I could have that again. without putting anyone else through hell for it. Wow. I got the Progasm and the Mgx.
    Had my First session for about 2 hours. about an hour into it I started having some involuntary leg and body spasms. They came out of nowhere and I dismissed the first one as just coincidental then it happened again. I got about 5 minutes of continuous anal contraction (involuntary) that felt really good I didn't know what to do and eventually messed it up by trying to help it by contracting harder. stayed relaxed and the process repeated again I could feel my mind focusing on the feeling and my legs began tingling a wonderful ten minute ride. Then my mind wandered and I lost it.
    I have to remain grateful. I must confess I wanted to be one of those guys that goes to the moon the first time. Have a four hour mind bender my first time out of the gate. I wanted to be prewired. Lol.

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