• First blog post


    This is my first blog post, although I’ve posted several times to the forums after especially great sessions. I’m a 70 year old on the journey for a year or so now. I’m having pretty great success, although not every session leads to the super O. My best sessions have been mind-blowing, with multiple SOs that leave me limp (in more ways than one)! My wife is on board, and we share our PureWand in partnered sex, while I also slip off for solo play in the guest room.

    I have a pretty good collection of Aneros and nJoy toys; Progasm Ice, MGX Trident, Helix Trident, Eupho Trident, PureWand, and PurePlug large. I have a Lelo Hugo, but don’t really care for vibratory toys. I will typically cycle through several toys each session.

    I use THC; 25 mg dose of edibles and 20 mg of THC oil mixed with my injected lube. I also use poppers to trigger the super Os. In a good session I will typically have a series of powerful SOs lasting for 30 – 60 seconds each. My best sessions are usually after a period of abstinence, when my arousal level is at its highest.

    I have ED, which I use Cialis for, and typically am flaccid during sessions. Most sessions I am unable to finish with a TO. Thank god for prostate orgasms!

    Anyway, thanks for all the great knowledge shared here in the blogs and in the forum. It has really helped my progress.

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