• First anniversary with the Aneros, 6/3/13 (A work in progress)

    Hi guys,
    Monday yesterday morning I observed my first anniversary of working with the Aneros. But before that event, in September or October 2011 some guys on BateWorld, a social website for guys into masturbation, introduced me to the Aneros. They were devoted Aneros users and saw how it enhanced both their prostate health and their sexual wellbeing. They encouraged me to buy my first models. So in late December, after seeing some hot Aneros videos on Xtube, I purchased the MGX, Helix Classic, and Progasm Classic models. However they looked so formidable, even menacing. How could I insert them, especially the HUGE Progasm, into my anus?!?! Thus they sat unused for many months.
    Then in late March 2012, Aneros.com began marketing the Helix Syn model which has a soft silicone overlay. I was one of the very first customers to order one in early April, a few weeks later. But still it laid unopened and unused in its box for about three months.
    Finally, I summoned enough courage to use the Helix Syn for the first time a year ago, early Sunday evening, June 3, 2012. I was amazed at how easily it inserted. Three weeks later I began experiencing my first P-waves and involuntaries. A few weeks later last July, I began experiencing my first walkinggasms, chairgasms, and bedgasms as my prostate began to waken up. During these weeks as I began to participate in the discussions on the Aneros Forum, I purchased the Maximus and Progasm Ice models, some weeks later the Eupho Classic.
    In August 2012, I began using the Maximus. The Maximus helped me along in my Aneros journey. He enhanced my use of the Helix Syn. It took me some weeks to get used to Maximus. But Maximus began to strengthen and tighten up my Aneros musculature as well as the muscles of my inner thighs. That development really began to enhance my walks about the city. Although I have been a great walker here in the Georgetown for many years, my walks truly became power walks. Likewise my Aneros sessions put spring in my walks, not seen in many years. I certainly enjoyed and exulted in how my awakened prostate would join in my walking. Often I would experience walkinggasms. But most of all, my walks would cause my awaken my prostate to purr and vibrate out of joy. Often it seemed that the muscles in my thighs and groin would move back and forth as I walked along as though I was having an Aneros session!
    Last September and October, I began using both Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic. It took me several weeks to begin to accommodate with these two models. During this time, I had to go slowly and carefully with these big bruisers, especially Progasm Classic. However in October, I made a great discovery. Both Progasm models were made especially for the Kegel Exercises. The Kegels enabled me to use both of these models with greater confidence and dexterity. Now both Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice are at bat at each Aneros session, along with Maximus. I love these big guys dearly!
    Then in January 2013, I got my first Progasm Black Ice who works just as well as his brother, Progasm Ice. He too is at bat at each session.
    In the last couple months, I have focused upon Alex_xxx's shallow breathing method and the Aneros Tug-of-War Technique as brought out in the Aneros Forum thread, A Quick and Dirty Path to the Super-O. These two techniques along with the stimulation of my erogenous zones, such as my hairy chest and nipples, really fuel my Aneros sessions now. I now Aneros at a much higher level and experience tons of pleasure! Also such Anerosing has enabled me to experience Helix Syn in ways never before, subtle ways of absolute pleasure.
    Since the latter part of April, my sequence of Aneros models in my sessions has been as follows:
    Helix Syn — Progasm Ice — Progasm Classic — Maximus — Progasm Black Ice.
    Generally the duration of my sessions have lasted between 2.5 and 3 hours. Normally I have my sessions three times a week first thing in the morning after an early breakfast, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with a Saturday session thrown in. I come away from each session satisfied and my prostate and anal musculature well exercised.
    However last Memorial Day I ordered Progasm Junior at discount from Pleasure Tease in Philadelphia, PA. He arrived via USPS priority mail in the afternoon on Saturday. Progasm Junior is a little larger than the Helix models, not as large as Maximus and certainly not the Progasm models. Yes, he is on the small size in the Aneros line. But he has some amazing curvature on his head for sure.
    Yesterday morning began with rainy weather. It was gloomy and dreary. Plus I had some depressing things on my mind. However, I began my session with Helix Syn. Helix Syn lifted my heavy spirits somewhat.
    But I was totally unprepared for Progasm Junior which I tried next. Progasm Junior inserted so easily, but it seemed that he "went" directly for my prostate. And it seemed that my prostate went out of his way to greet my new member of my Aneros Team! The result was tantamount to love at first sight, a paroxysm of sheer pleasure! It was like Progasm Junior was telling me, "Hey, want to join your Aneros Team, and I can demonstrate by being a big team player!" And sure he did so in a real big way! It seemed that the Progasm Junior and my prostate gave each other a big bear hug, again producing ecstatic pleasure! Now, I just sat back and let Progasm Junior do his own thing. He worked in his own way and rather automatically! I was so lost in pleasure that I lost track of the time. I think my first meeting with Progasm Junior lasted at least 75 minutes. It seemed that he hit several home runs. Now yesterday I was experiencing such pleasure that I had a delicious erection too!
    Then I continued in sequence with my other Aneros models as listed above. It seemed that yesterday's session must have lasted at least four hours. My prostate and anal musculature yesterday was certainly well-exercised, almost to the point of soreness. But it was a delicious soreness. My Aneros guys (which I love) as always performed admirably, each in his own way yesterday.
    Well, my Aneros journey is a work in progress, I must say. No Super-O's yet. But with Progasm Junior now on my team and the absolute pleasure he's produced for me so far, experiencing my very first Super-O is well worth waiting for. I am sure my Aneros journey will continue along in some amazing and exciting ways with Aneros blessings galore along the way! Take care!

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