• First and Second Sessions

    I was super excited purchasing my first Aneros product: the Helix Classic. I’ve had two sessions so far, the second one being most memorable (I say as I’m writing this post-second-session).
    Before my first experience, I took a nice, hot shower in preparation. I was so excited, I feel I may have rushed things a little; none the less, I unboxed the toy in all its glory and washed it with warm soapy water. I felt both excited and nervous as I lubed up and got down on my left side, but I found the toy popped in quite satisfyingly. I read the directions again a few times over, and tried to begin contractions. I felt a little strange; there certainly was no pain, but there was little pleasure as well. I continued this for 30 minutes with little avail and decided to call it a session. I washed everything off, returning the toy rightfully to its case before departing for the next day.
    Ah, but the next day. When I arrived home, I began trying to relax; but there was one thing on my mind. When the time came, I took a shower and prepared the toy. I decided this time to put generous amounts of lube everywhere to see if it would help. I popped the toy in, letting myself feel it be slowly pulled up into place by my anus. I sat on my left side, pulling my top leg close to my chest and keeping the other straight. I gladly discovered how to make stronger, rhythmic contractions, and soon began to relax. I felt the toy do its job, massaging my prostate. Each time I felt the Helix’s large head bump up against my prostate, I felt myself twitch or want to squirm; it was certainly a lot better than my first session. After a little while, I began to experiment with new positions. I moved to my other side, went to my back and alternated between straight and bent legs, and even got on my knees in my quest to find new poses to contract at. I occasionally felt quite nice feelings at my prostate, as if the Helix were getting bigger and pressing against my prostate tighter. Despite not thinking or feeling too much of my penis (compared to as I normally would when maturbating), I still found it considerably erect, and even leaking pre cum. I contentedly contracted and relaxed for about 45 minutes, enjoying the new feelings the Helix could give me. I then began to gently stroke my penis, which felt quite good. I continued to contract and relax with the Helix as I stroked, but stopped stroking as I felt myself approach a climax. I experimented by contracting considerably harder as I felt myself approaching a climax, no longer stroking. I eventually ejaculated, but felt immediately ready to continue. I decided to once again continue stroking, all the while still contracting and relaxing with the Helix. When I neared my second climax I contracted hard, squeezing the muscles in my penis and loins hard as I felt myself wanting to ejaculate. Surprisingly, I felt myself resist against the force pushing up through my penis and enjoyed a few seconds of strong, unique pleasure located deep in my loins as I held back. In the end nothing came out, and I was left feeling worn out, yet satisfied.
    I’m already enjoying the Helix thoroughly, seeing its ability to expand my sexual horizons. I understand the best sensations will come from patience and dedication. I hope one day I’ll be able to achieve the legended “hands-free orgasm”, but until then, I’ll be experiemnting with the many outlets of pleasure the Helix can offer.

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      11/20/2017at11:36 pm

      Wow. I’ve just used my Helix Classic for the first time and had a similar experience as you. Having read your blog I’m now minded to have a second try and see if I can get better results, as you did.

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