• First Aless Orgasm

    According to the Glossary on the Wiki site, ALESS means Aneros Less. or without an Aneros.
    Last night I went to bed and I didn’t insert my favourite Progasm toy. For those who are following my progress, I have been sleeping with my Progasm inserted and last week I awoke in the middle of the night and had my first MMO experience.
    Well, last night I awoke at about 4am and felt the warm P waves building, I lay there enjoying the experience while they increased and increased in intensity and then into a nice mini dry orgasm. My hard started to pound, my breathing became deep and heavy and it felt like I had cum, but there was nothing more than a dribble of pre-cum. It was shortly followed by another one. They didn’t last very long, probably 30 seconds, but it was very pleasant.
    What amazed me was there was no Aneros inside me. And it all happened relatively involuntary. I say relatively, because I now can recognise the little sensations to focus my mind on and they do build when you focus on them.
    It is like my body has learnt how to do it now and has taken over – I am just a passenger going along for the ride.


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      09/17/2016at2:58 pm

      Hi @OMGBO, I am glad that you have experienced your first Aless orgasm. According to the Aneros Wiki, you can get to the point that you can summon Super-O’s and MMO’s even in Aless at any time.
      But have you heard about the Kegel Exercises? They are recommended for guys using the Aneros and who are into Aless. Try them and see what happens.
      Here is the text of how to perform them written (I suppose) by Charlie Glickman. It is found in the Aneros Learning Center under Men:
      “Since the PC muscle is in charge of making your Aneros work, you’ll want to get it in shape. The longer and more firmly you can squeeze it before it gets tired, the better your Aneros session will be. As an added bonus, a toned PC muscle can also make your erections firmer.
      “Learning to control your PC muscle takes some practice, so you need to do your Kegel exercises. Named for the doctor who popularized this exercise for women, Kegels are just as important for men to do.
      “There are two ways to identify which muscle you want to work on. If you’ve ever made your erection bounce by squeezing your pelvic floor, you already know where your PC muscle is, even if you didn’t know that’s what you were doing. The other technique is to sit on the toilet and start to urinate. Once urine begins flowing, squeeze the muscle that makes it stop. That’s the one you’re aiming for. You only need to do this while urinating the first time, in order to find the muscle. After that, you can exercise it any time.
      “Now that you know where your PC muscle is, here are three ways to work it:
      “1) Do a squeeze and release on a two count. (squeeze-two, relax-two)
      “2) Do a slow four-count cycle. (squeeze-two-three-four, hold-two-three-four, release-two-three-four, relax-two-three-four)
      “3) Do a series of quick butterfly squeezes, followed by an equal resting time.
      “Start off with just a few reps at a time and build up, just like any exercise. Be sure to rest and relax the muscle in between sets to avoid muscle spasms. Don’t forget to breathe during your pelvic workout- exhale on the squeeze and inhale on the relax.
      “The more you do your Kegel exercises, the more you’ll get out of your Aneros sessions, so remember to do them every day and you’ll see how amazing your prostate pleasure will be!”

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      09/17/2016at6:07 pm

      @OMGBO congrats on your successful Aless! I am also making progress in that area and as @BigGlansDC stated, Kegels do help.

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      09/20/2016at2:36 pm

      Thank you @BigClansDC and @GGringo for the tips and advice, I will practice these exercises.Thanks.

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