• Finally a ‘Super -O

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    I finally had a Super O!

    And what helped me to get to this point after trying for a mere six years? The beautifully and delightfully formed Eupho Syn Trident, interestingly this is the model I use the least, that is up until today.

    This is how it happened:

    After cleaning up, a douche and shower, I made sure the room was nice and warm, I lay on the bed, I find being on my back the most effective position for me. I lubed up my ass internally with KY jelly and coated the Eupho with Vaseline then inserted it, then twenty minutes of breathing exercises and mild contractions, whilst watching some solo girl and lesbian erotica.

    Within ten minutes or so I could feel the familiar sensations of dull but pleasurable ache spreading through my groin and buttocks, a bit of diddling my nipples and I could feel the arousal starting to build.

    (Sensitive nipples from using Aneros has been a revelation to me.)

    fast forward an hour and by now I’m experiencing wave after wave of pleasure, my whole body is quivering and the aneros is deliciously and cheekily teasing my prostate, during these waves of pleasure I’m concentrating on my breathing whilst totally ignoring my dick (this is so important).

    As my body starts to tense up and my Eupho is tightly griping my prostate I reach for a bottle of poppers and take a sniff. I’ve been using poppers on and off for for awhile now and its really taken my sessions to the next level, the feeling of letting go and the relaxing of my muscles seems to help a lot, I’ve tried weed but that didn’t do it for me.

    By now I’m in ‘the zone’ my body is uncontrollably quivering, I have the most fabulous warm sensation radiating from my groin and torso. As the pleassue builds I take another blast of the poppers, this feels amazing, total relaxation and my mind totally focused on the sensations, there could be a nuclear explosion outside the window and I’d not notice, so intense is the moment.

    Then it happens, I’m at the level I’ve been at many times before, I take another blast of poppers, I’m in new territory now, my body feels like it’s glowing, the ache in my groin has spread thought out my body, my head is buzzing and my eyes shut, I see like a clydescope of shapes and colours, more poppers then WHOH!

    This is the Super O, I know it, different in every way to what I’ve experienced before, more intense, more of an out-of-body experience , I start to roar and grunt, my breathing is deep and fast!

    I’m possessed by this crazy piece of plastic and silicone in my ass, how is this possible, magic, voodoo?!

    It lasts for minutes not seconds and sadly eventually subsides. I’ve been trying for this for six years, for those of you still trying and the frustrated ones reading this, I implore you to keep trying because oh my is it worth it when it happens, its everything you could wish for (and more).


    Happy riding ;0)


    It’s been rightly pointed out (see comments below) that poppers can have some nasty side effects, its best you read up about the potential harm they can cause before trying them, only then should you make your own choices. Like with all chemical substances there are risks and rewards, if in doubt, don’t do it.

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