• Fighting Against a Super-O

    Well today is interesting. I woke up with a little butt buzz. Nothing out of the ordinary but I had no time to play. Had to prepare a ham for the office pot luck party.

    My prostate had other ideas. I went through my normal routine of edging 3 times in the shower. 300 kegels on the way to work. My butt and surrounding area around my prostate have been super sensitive. I take a breadth and I can feel my prostate so I know its engorged. When I sit down I feel it like a bulb…

    …and it knows this…

    …I have been fighting a super-O all day. I’ve had to endure a dry orgasm like every 10 mins. I’ve basically relegated myself to the boardroom so that I can hear if people are coming. I’ve had a chubby or full on hardon the entire day. The last time this happened I had to rub one out in a shopping mall bathroom just to get it to stop…

    …but this time…I dont want it to stop

    My prostate feels so juicy right now. Every kegel, breadth, stretch…is sending a wave of pleasure through my body


    • Avatar for BigGlansDC


      11/30/2018at7:29 pm

      @Darkbond, This is a way hot blog entry. I am intrigued that you do 300 Kegels on the way to work and that you are fighting a Super-O all day today. I think you are on to something really serious. Just you wait after you get off from work later today and you get home tonight. The last sentence of your blog entry says it all! Like you, I too enjoy doing the Kegel Exercises, but I also enjoy immensely stimulating or diddling my nipples while Kegeling!

    • Avatar for Lakesky


      12/01/2018at3:07 am

      What a fine place of temptation you must be in.

    • Avatar for Darkbond


      12/10/2018at7:13 pm

      My work days have become so interesting. Any chance I get I engage my PC muscles in some sort of training.

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